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What We Learned About Bea Alonzo In 9 Magazine Covers

Read this for the ultimate Bea Alonzo throwback.

Take a look at how Bea Alonzo has blossomed from a shy ingenue to an unstoppable leading lady. Here, she talks about her boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo, keeping her privacy, and her one true love—acting.

Cosmopolitan April 2006

On growing up in a broken family:

"My life was simple. My mom had another family, and my dad wasn't there. My dad and I didn't have any communication after my parents separated. I basically grew up with my grandaunt and grandmother. I don't see the point in being bitter because in the end, I'll be the one affected by the way I think and decide. I'd rather be grateful and positive."

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On her shyness:

"I'm at a point where I'm discovering things. I haven't completely overcome my shyness. But after all I've been through, I'd say I'm strong. I'm still standing firmly and trying to discover the meaning of life."

Most admirable qualities about herself:

"I'm easygoing and patient. I can deal with anything life throws at me."

Preview November 2006

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On her mother opposing her entering showbiz:

"Ayaw niya talaga. Nag-drama pa ako. I told her, 'Sige na this is my opportunity, kapag ma-miss ko 'to, wala na.'"

The reason why she joined the industry:

"I didn't join show business para mabawasan yung goodness in me. The reason I joined show business is to touch people's lives and to be a better person, to learn, know more about life."

Seventeen January-February 2008

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On pursuing her dreams:

"At 13, I already knew acting was my calling. At first my folks didn't want me to enter showbiz. If I hadn't fought for what I really wanted, which was to become an actress, I would have never realized my biggest ambition. When they saw that I was really serious about it, they eventually relented."

On her biggest insecurity:

"My biggest insecurity before was my weight. I used to get fat easily—until now! I'm not desperately insecure; it just frustrates me that I can't achieve my ideal figure because my body isn't ready for it. But I never abused myself because of this."

Candy March 2009

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Five things more important than looks:

"Confidence, a good heart, wit, pure intentions, making memories."

She knows she's in love when:

"I dream about that person."

Cosmopolitan October 2009

On acknowledging her emotions:

"Recently, I've begun to acknowledge 'yung mga nararamdaman ko. When I'm sad, sinasabi ko sa mga tao na malungkot ako and I'm not afriad to admit it."

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On wanting to try dark roles:

"Gusto ko mag-try ng bawal naman, 'yung hindi tama. 'Yung hindi loveable but you'll make the viewers love the character because of a special quality that the character has. Kahit kontrabida."

Cosmopolitan May 2010

During a painful time in her career:

"There was a time na-cast ako for a fashion show, and then nung nakita na ako nung fashion designer nung day itself, feeling niya hindi ako tama for the event, so he made me go home."

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Preview December 2011

On destiny:

"Naniniwala ako na pana-panahon din yan, I believe in destiny. I believe that you're really destined to be sikat, kahit ano at sino pa ang ayaw na nandyan ka at kahit anong gawin nila, you're always going to be there as long as you believe in your talents and you're patient."

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Cosmopolitan January 2012

On Zanjoe Marudo:

"He makes me feel ordinary. 'Yung iba, (sinasabi nila), 'He makes me feel extraordinary, that's why I like him. Eto, it's different."

"Right timing lahat. Nagkataon lang din na I was open na. 'Yung timimg nanggaling sa akin, tapos siya, tumutulong pa sa 'kin. Siya 'yung kailangan ko sa state ko ngayon."

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On why they work:

"Pinag-o-open ko ang sarili ko! Dahil sa kanya meron na akong sport, (like) golf. Siya rin 'yung nag-encourage sa akin to box."

Cosmopolitan February 2013

On stardom:

"Being an actor is totally different from being a star. It's just a bonus. It's the outcome sa mga roles na ginagawa (ko). It's not actually 'Bea' they love.

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Her term of endearment for Zanjoe:

"My Love"

On how she met Zanjoe:

"At that time, kakalabas lang niya from the Pinoy Big Brother house, 'di pa siya talaga actor. He was just a model back then. At that time, parang ako 'yung friendly sa kanya kasi leading man ko siya. Dapat maging comfortable kami with each other. I imagined this guy na baka nahihiya pa siya kasi hindi pa siya artista. Ako 'yung nag-effort mag-small talk kasi mas matagal na ako sa business. Habang nakikipag-usap ako, you know what he did? Tinalikuran niya ako at natulog siya! Ang kapal niya talaga! Masyado daw ako preachy. So hindi kami naging friends."

Cosmopolitan May 2015

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On her acting:

"In the first 10 minutes of a movie, they see Bea; but 10 minutes in, you have to make them believe na hindi ikaw 'yon."

On keeping her privacy on social media:

"Feeling ko pag in-open mo yung sarili mo ng ganoon, binibigyan mo ng lisensiya yung mga tao na makialam sa buhay mo. Binibigyan mo sila ng lisensiya para magbigay ng opinion nila tungkol sa'yo. And I can't deal with that."

On the uncertainty of the future:

"I am at my own crossroads and I think there is no other place I should be."

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