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What We Learned About John Lloyd Cruz In 6 Magazine Covers

Read this for the ultimate John Lloyd Cruz throwback.

The leading man opens up about his many romances, his craft, and how different he is from the movie star we've all come to know him as. 

YES! July 2010

On being one of the biggest endorsers of the country:

“Well, hindi lang naman sa akin ‘yung pressure, ‘no. Siyempre, no one naman can do it on his own…you can’t do it alone. Nandito lang naman tayo para tumulong. Meron tayong opportunity para makatulong do’n sa brand, pero kung ‘yong pressure, hindi naman talaga ako pressured e.

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On his successful career:

“I guess I’m really just blessed. You can be satisfied, pero there will always be worries. You never know kung hanggang kailan ka gugustuhin or kakailanganin. I guess I’m just really blessed na when you look at my track record, parang you can’t let me go. Di mo ‘ko pwedeng i-dispose, diba? Pero buti na lang gano’n, kasi kung ang pagbabasehan lang e mukha at katawan natin—not even talent—e maraming talented diyan. Kaya talagang I really owe it to my audience, to my supporters.”

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On how he was discovered by a talent scout in a mall:

Baba ako ng escalator, baba rin siya. Nakikita ko siya mula do’n sa dulo ng mall. Akyat kami, akyat din siya.”

On his first paycheck from an acting gig:

Naisip ko, kung meron akong P1,500 every week, meron akong P6,000 every month. Malaki na ‘yun!”

“Wala sa isip ko mag-artista. Ang nasa isip ko noon, ‘yong paycheck.”

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On Tabing Ilog:

“I found myself loving the craft. Nagkaro’n ako ng wild and great appreciation sa acting. And I took it seriously. Sabi nga ni Tita Caring [Caridad Sanchez], acting is life. So how will you imitate life? I was basically studying life and its content. So, interactions, emotions.”

On being paired with Bea Alonzo:

“When I first saw her, sa pictorial bay yun or sa taping, sabi ko talaga, ‘Who is this young girl?’ ‘Kala mo naman ang tanda ko na. [Laughs] Actually, my exact words were ‘Who is this kid? Ang bata naman nito.’ This girl na full of awkwardness pa, pero kitang-kita na ‘yong drive. She really wanted it, e.”

Kami naman ni Bea sobrang proud, since day one—ang maipagmamalaki naming is wala kaming supporters or fans na pinaasa, na para bang dinis-illusion mo, na pinapakagat mo lang, o pinapakilig. I think ‘yon ‘yong core ng team-up namin, e, kaya siya nagtagal.”

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On Liz Uy:

“Siya yata ang pinaka-influential.”

Likas silang mabait [Liz’s family]. Kahit parents ko, family ko dito, kilala ‘yong parents ni Liz. Wala kaming masabi. Sobrang bait nila… Si Liz, [pag galit na galit sa isang tao] iiyak na lang pag di na kaya.”

“I’ll die saying nice things about her.”

On Ciara Sotto:

“It’s hard to describe something if the girl has a husband na.”

On his past relationships:

Actually, eto pwede kong sa kahit sinong naka-relasyon ko: I will only remember the good times and the beautiful memories that we shared. Hindi [ko na] alalahanin pa ‘yong mga nagawa kong hindi maganda, nagawa niyang hindi maganda. So, diba, it’s easier to move forward, e, pagka may acceptance na. Nangyari na ‘yun, e. Ginusto n’yo man o hindi n’yo ginusto, nangyari na. And I’m pretty sure it all happened for a reason.”  

On his fling with Heart Evangelista:

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“I guess months yata. I wasn’t ready to get into a relationship, kasi kakatapos lang ng… God, my memory!”

On his special relationship with Ruffa Gutierrez:

“[It lasted for] less than a year.”

“It was sincerely, truly, genuinely special. She’s very fun to be with. Para sa’kin… As a woman, she’s one of a kind. She can be your greatest friend. She can be your greatest lover. Iba.”

“She knows how to take care of a man. I only have good, or nice words, to tell about her.”

“Yeah, kahit it didn’t last very long, definitely it was memorable.”

How does he get the girl?

“I think, ako, mae-enjoy ako ng partner ko because maraming ginagawa ng girls na nae-enjoy ko.  I love shopping. I love going to the groceries. I love going to the spa, salon.”

“Basically, I’ll be a good friend. I’ll be your best friend. Basically, gano’n ako. Gusto ko ‘yung binebeybi ako, yung gusto ko rin ‘yong nag-aalaga. And I’m very malambing, sabi nila. Yeah, I guess.”

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On how he was devastated by heartbreak:

Para akong namatayan. I couldn’t function. Hindi ako makapag-report sa shoot. Literal, hindi ako maka-function. Si Tita Nanette, no’ng hindi ako nagrereport no’n, pinuntahan niya ‘ko sa bahay. Nakalubog ako sa bathtub. Wearing my clothes from last night. Grabe.”

On love:

“When a person falls in love, ‘di ba parang hindi naman pinipili ‘yon , e. Hindi mo ‘yon pinili. It’s not like you made it happen, diba? ‘Yong connection, ‘yong energy, na na-create between you and the person, it’s something, you can’t create. So, when a person falls out of love with you, huwag mo siyang sisihin—it’s as normal as falling in love.”

On his physique:

“I think tanggap na ako ng tao na hindi ako magkakaroon ng six-pack abs.”

On his family:

“My family is everything, I guess. They’re the source of my energy, the source of my happiness or joy. They are a big part of my inspiration in doing what I do now and in living my life. You know, at this point talaga, everything that I enjoy, it involves my family.”

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YES! August 2011

On being named the Most Beautiful Star of 2011:

“I never thought I’d make it on the cover, kasi unang-una, alam ko naman hindi naman talaga ‘ko guwapo.

“When you say guwapo or good-looking, ang Pinoy may mentality na dapat very symmetrical, perfect bone structure, sculpted ‘yong katawan. Automatically, and inevitably, someone like me would feel some discomfort. Well, it’s interesting for people who would actually realize that there’s more to the word ‘beautiful’ than the body and the face and the bone structure. Pero mahirap din burahin ‘yong discomfort. Hindi ko alam kung discomfort ‘yong right term, pero parang, ‘Talaga? Sigurado ba kayo?”

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On his first shopping trip in Paris:

“After brunch, labas ka, you shop! You find the important pieces na nakikita mo sa fashion runways, and it’s there! Sobrang surreal na hawak mo sila.”

“Hindi ko naman tinodo [‘yong shopping], pero gusto ko, ibigay rin sa sarili ko. Feeling ko, I’ve worked so hard, so much, for this moment. Ayoko tipirin, hindi lang sa pera—ayoko tipirin sa experience.”

On enjoying the fruits of his labor:

Siguro I like the idea of working hard and being able to enjoy what I’ve worked hard for. Kasi, diba, who knows, I can die tomorrow, or next week, and I wanna be able to enjoy ‘yong hard work. And hindi ko rin tinatanggal ‘yong you have to be wise, you have to save, kasi I’m not getting any younger. E, dito pa naman, ang bilis ng transition sa business na ‘to.”

Cosmopolitan October 2011

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The craziest thing he did for love was to:

“Self-destruct. It was so stupid.”

On comfortable silences:

“If you can share comfortable silence with her, quiet moments na wala kayong pinag-uusapan, okay ‘yun. Hindi kayo napre-pressure na ‘Uy, we have to talk about something.’ You have to respect that moment.’

On accepting his quirks:

“It’s those little things that matter. The quirks are the real gems of a relationship.”

Esquire June 2012

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On always playing the romantic lead:

Kung sino man magsasabi, especially if it’s another actor, ‘Naku, wala ‘yan, puro rom-com lang naman ginagawa niyan.’ I’m not saying I’m good at what I do. I’m just saying that I’ve learned to see the challenge sa bawat binibigay sa ‘kin. And this is what I discovered: Pa’no mo idi-differentiate ‘yung halos pare-pareho mong ginagawa? I play the most common characters in every story—how do you make it rich? How do you make it exciting? How do you make it engaging? Grabe, ang hirap, pare, ha. I’m not kidding.”

On being laos:

“Ako? Feeling ko nga palaos na ‘ko e. Siguro, pare, kasi sa ‘kin trabaho ko ‘to but this is not my life. Trabaho ko ‘to, but I’m not gonna die for this.”

Esquire February 2014

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On acquiring his art collection:

“You look for that connection. Parang ako na-hahigh. May ganon na feeling and you leave the place happy.”

“I’m enjoying this discovery phase. You tend to buy more than you’re supposed to. The rawness is not going to happen again. Eventually you learn about your taste and style, and the rawness I have now will be gone.”

“Only two things could happen after this—either you stop collecting or you get inspired. Grabe, you will lose your head.”

Esquire April 2015

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On people’s perception of him:

“I think some people are surprised when they meet me. I guess they expect me to be friendly like my characters. But I’m just a quiet guy.”

On fanatics:

“I understand it. And it’s no big thing. I just don’t like it when it gets in the way of work. It’s not that crazy. What really unsettles me is when I see people reacting that way to politicians. That doesn’t feel right.”

On fame:

“I never wanted to be famous. I’m very shy. I’m not comfortable with people looking at me all the time. I like the work, but I don’t like the fame very much.”

“To be honest, I just do it for my family. I like helping my family. I help my family by doing this work.”

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