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Who Is Derek Ramsay's Girlfriend?

Because she is srsly H-O-T!


Over the Holy Week break, us mere mortals were treated to a glimpse of Derek Ramsay’s super private love life.

In a rare move, Derek posted IG pics of his girlfriend Joanne Villablanca during their Palawan vacay and basically told the world how in luuuurve he is. They just celebrated their first anniversary, apparently. 

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So it got us wondering, WHO IS SHE? Who is this hot and gorgeous woman frolicking on Palawan shores with Derek? (They look like total beach gods, FYI)

With enough digging (Thank you, Internet!), here, we have the low-down on Joanne Villablanca.

1. She’s a commercial model.

Look at that megawatt smile!

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2. She’s a devoted mom to her 8-year-old daughter.

Whatta cutie.

3. She’s a total beach BABE!

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4. And is into anything active, really.

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5. She’s a certified foodie.

6. But never misses out on her workout.

GOALS, bruh.

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7. But most of all, she has an equally hot BF named Derek Ramsay. Just perf!

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