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Why Did Jordin Sparks And Jason Derulo Split?

Hint: marriage.

Jason Derulo dumped Jordin Sparks because he couldn't deal with the pressure of getting married, which is something she would have liked.

The "Talk Dirty" hitmaker recently called time on his relationship with the "No Air" singer, 24, because they were continuously arguing over their conflicting views on how to take their romance to the next level. 

Speaking in an interview with On Air with Ryan Seacrest today (29.09.14), Jason said: "What happened... in a nutshell, there was a lot of tension in the relationship for a lot of different reasons...There was a lot of pressures of marriage. There was a lot of arguing and stuff like that that just weighed on our relationship over time. When you stop having more good times than bad bad times, it's time to call it quits. It becomes something that is unhealthy."

The 25-year-old hunk admits he wasn't ready to fully commit to the stunning star and she was getting frustrated with how their relationship was progressing. 

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He added: "We think it may have weighed on her more than it weighed on me. Yeah, she got frustrated a lot. She was in that frustrated space a lot and I think part of that was part of my problem."

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Despite the tension in their relationship, Jason—who began dating Jordin in 2011—insists they didn't end on bad terms but aren't talking to each other right now. 

He said: "I wouldn't say [we're on] good terms. I'll be lying if I said that, but it's not a bad situation. There's no bad blood. We didn't end off on a weird way or a negative way. It's not like we're hitting each other up, like, 'Hey, what are you doing today?' "