Why It's Caitlyn With A "C" And Not With A "K"

Totally makes sense.

After her debut on the cover of Vanity Fair, many wondered just how Caitlyn Jenner selected her new name.

“It’s one of the hardest things in life—choosing your own name,” she said.  

Jenner revealed that in the process of choosing a new name, she watched the Miss America pageant to get ideas. Aside from Caitlyn, some of the names she considered were “Heather” and “Cathy.”

What pushed her to select Caitlyn however, was when her assistant Rhonda suggested the name without knowing that it was already on top of her choices.

Of course she also thought about spelling Caitlyn with a “k” instead of "c" because of the Jenner-Kardashian signature “k” names. But she decided it was “best to break tradition” and “media associations” and chose to go with Caitlyn with a “c.”

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