Why James And Lauren Reid Are The Ultimate Sibling Goals

Just gotta love this bro-sis team!
PHOTO: Instagram/laurenreidabook

ICYDK, mega heartthrob James Reid has a sister who is as equally stunning as our fave leading man. Everyone, meet Lauren Reid.


If y’all have been keeping tabs on James and Nadine Lustre’s current US tour, you’d know that Lauren tagged along in the fun! TBH, it’s super heartwarming to see siblings as tight as these two. Yup, GOALS.

Here, we have the many reasons why James and Lauren are the ultimate bro-sis tandem.


Cool-Aid must run in the blood as James and Lauren rang up the New Year at the Lost Paradise music festival in their native Australia.

They were present at each other’s 23rd birthday parties. As these pics tell us, their parties were LIT AF. (ICYDK, James and Lauren were both born in 1993 but with different Pinay mothers. Lauren is less than a month older than James.)

They've practically done everything together! <3 They're srsly more like twins!

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Here’s James, being the resident photog, taking snaps of the two most important girls in his life!

Lauren trades places with her bro and snaps away!

Lauren and James’ GF Nadz get along REALLY WELL. Soon-to-be in-laws, perhaps? *winks*

Here’s a collage of their friendship through the years!

Lauren has no problem whatsoever third-wheeling on her bro and his main girl. SO ADORBS!


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