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Why Kisses Delavin Doesn't Want A Permanent Love Team

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on May 10, 2018!
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  1. Kisses Delavin revealed she doesn't want a permanent love team anymore. During a set visit for her new film Walwal, she said, "Dati, ginusto ko na magkaroon ng official love team para hindi magkaroon ng bangayan sa supporters. Pero ngayon naisip ko, kahit naman may official love team, may bangayan pa rin, e. So ano na lang...actually, anything, kung ano ang gusto ng management for me, if they say na magkaroon ako ng love team, sila naman yung nagbibigay ng work." 

    Kisses used to be in a love team with Marco Gallo. And she's currently being paired with actors Donny Pangilinan and Tony Labrusca. Both partnerships already have their own fanbases (DonKiss and TonKiss), which prompted Kisses to tweet why the "fan wars" should stop.

    When asked about her tweets, she replied, "
    Yeah, I tweeted, talagang sobrang nasa-sad ako kasi dati, it used to be very simple. Mag-gue-guesting kami sa TV tapos yun na. Tapos parang bigla na lang, [all] of a sudden, marami nang nagpi-pit [against] each other kasi gusto nila ganito, ganun. Parang it really makes me sad kasi ang buhay, napakaikli lang so why would people waste their time, ayoko nang may ma-waste na time sa kanila, na sad sila."(

  2. The stars of Ruel S. Bayani's Kasal were recently asked about their stand on divorce. While Paulo Avelino admitted he's not comfortable talking about something he's not fully knowledgeable about, Derek Ramsay and Bea Alonzo said they were against legalizing divorce in the Philippines.

    According to Derek, "I think we're the only country left that's not on the bandwagon of having divorce legalized. And with globalization, you know, I think, maybe the country is ready. With that said, I don't believe in it. But I would say I think it will happen."

    Meanwhile, Bea said, "This is just my opinion—and without judgment for those who believe in divorce. Ako, I just don't believe in divorce kasi para sa akin, napaka-importanteng commitment ng marriage 'di baParang why get married if there's an option to divorce? Para lang naman sa akin ito. I don't judge the people [who] believe and who are going through a divorce." (PUSH)

  3. Gabbi Garcia took to Twitter yesterday to apologize to a fan who wanted a photo with her. She wrote, "To the girl beside [me at] the resto at the ground floor of BGC stopover, I saw you staring at me & I think you wanted to ask sana for a photo, I'm sorry I was super rattled with all my things + I was on the phone talking to my driver, 'cause apparently he's been there waiting for me, so I had to run + I was trying to put my wallet inside my bag cause I just went to the ATM, plus I was holding a paperbag."

    She continued, "
    I was super [unfocused]! I felt bad huhu sorry! Before I went inside the car, I checked if [you] were still there, but I guess you left already. I'm really sorry!" (

  4. Looks like Lea Michele found her maid of honor for her upcoming wedding to Zandy Reich: BFF Jonathan Groff! (E! Online)

  5. A woman identified as Jane Doe filed a lawsuit against rappers Chris Brown and Young Lo. She claims she was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted at the former's home during a drug-fueled party last year.

    The lawsuit said the plaintiff was led to a bedroom where several women were having sex with Brown and Young Lo. When she refused to undress, she was subsequently raped and assaulted. Afterward, she was told to take a shower and allowed to book a ride-sharing service home. (ABS-CBN)

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