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Why Miss Universe Is The Pinoy Oscars

Four reasons why we 'major major' love the Miss U pageant.
PHOTO: Instagram/piawurtzbach

1. The Philippines is a beauty pageant nation 

We are as obsessed with Miss Universe as we are with Manny Pacquiao’s next fight or the UAAP Finals. Watching Miss Universe, aside from the purpose of being entertained, is also an avenue for everyone in the family or the barkada to voice out an opinion ("Taray!" "Ay, ang laki ng hita!" "Fake kaya boobs niya?" "Ano daw sabi niya?!"). Remember listing down bets on a piece of paper and crossing out countries until the winner is announced? There's also something for everyone: guys appreciate the sight of delegates parading in bikinis a la Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, while becky friends examine evening gowns down to the last ruffle, complete with a debriefing after the winner is crowned. Cosmo girls, on the other hand, look for their next #fitspiration or beauty peg to cop the next day. 

2. Miss Universe is always an excuse to get together 


Graveyard workers rush home and daytime employees file half-day leaves (or make up BS excuses) to watch the pageant via cable TV. For those on the go, social media proves to be a worthy companion—allowing one to retweet results even before it airs on TV ("Philippines in Top 15!"). Those who take it to the next level opt to have viewing parties: they book a hotel room, check in at a motel, visit a gay club (think basketball and a sports bar), or crash at a becky best friend’s pad!   

3. The social media commentary is CRAZY 

We love reading Divine Lee’s Twitter feed at this time of the year, but what we love even more are the banter and uploads from Pinoy pageant fans everywhere: prediction lists, photo collages, memes, Miss Universe-inspired selfies! How about pageant fanatics who hashtag every Miss Universe-related word out there? #Doral, anyone? 

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We pick the most fun posts from the hashtag #MJAllTheWay on Instagram: 

Gising na, mga Binibini,” says this post taken minutes before the 9a.m. telecast:

If Manny Pacquiao’s boxing matches free up EDSA and lower the crime rate, Miss Universe puts all salon and most gym operations at a standstill:


Now that’s a winner!



4. The Miss Universe references do not end—at all 

Just think of how many times Miss Universe creeps into conversations at work or among friends: the beauty queen wave, the flying kiss, “major major,” “Thank you for that wonderful question,” the tsunami walk, the cobra walk, the ubiquitous hands on waist pose. They’re fun enough to demo, too!

Why is the Miss Universe competition a must-watch event for you? Holler in the comments section, CGs!


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