Why We ~*Love*~ The New Dao Ming Si In 'Meteor Garden'

Oh baby, baby, baby.
PHOTO: Meteor Garden/Hunan Television

2018 has brought us a heavy dose of nostalgia with the reboot of our fave childhood drama, Meteor Garden. The Chinese series features an all-new cast, and we couldn't help but crush on the new Dao Ming Si, played by 19-year-old Dylan Wang. While the OG Jerry Yan still holds a special place in our hearts (being one of the first figures to open up our sexual awakening LOL), what Dylan has done to the role makes this iconic character feel ~*brand new*~. Here are the many reasons we love 2018's Dao Ming Si:

He's more than his good looks—he's one of the smartest students in his school and is actually a scholar.

He's financially savvy and earned his first million at only 18.

His "pineapple hair" got an UPGRADE. (So sorry, Jerry Yan. Dylan Wang wins this round!)

He's more light-hearted, silly, and fun to be with!

His style is as loud as his personality which makes him stand out from the crowd.

He's loyal to his friends (even if Hua Ze Lei hurt him SO BAD).

<>He respects Shan Cai's parents. <>

He's super supportive of Shan Cai's career as a chef!


He and Shan Cai look great together. #OTP

He's not Lei (that bitch).

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