Why We're Girl-Crushing On Cindy Crawford's Daughter Kaia Gerber

She's ready to take the spotlight all on her own at just 13 years old.

When we saw photos of former supermodel Cindy Crawford with her gorgeous model-in-the-making daughter Kaia Gerber, we immediately had to do some online stalking to get to know her better.

Aside from already knowing how to strike a fierce pose at just 13 years old, she also snaps great photos capturing her really cool sense of style and natural beauty. She's definitely the fresh style and beauty peg you've been looking for and we list all the reasons why below! 

1. She's got a classic sense of style with a really chic twist just like her mom Cindy Crawford.

2. But she also sets herself apart from her famous mom with the way she carries her looks and styles herself.

3. She's got the effortless long locks of our dreams and pulls it off perfectly.

4. And she knows how to properly (and stylishly) dress for her age! 
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