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Why You *Need* To Watch 'Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon'

Min-Min and Bong-Bong forever!
PHOTO: Strong Woman Do Bong-soon/JTBC

Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon first aired in February 2017, and the show has been widely praised that even GMA picked it up. I first binge-watched the show a couple of months ago, and I *still* find myself rewatching my favorite scenes on YouTube and listening to the soundtrack during my morning commute.

Here’s a quick plot summary: Do Bong-Soon, played by Park Bo Young aka Korea’s Romantic Comedy Queen, was born with superhuman strength—a gift that’s passed down to all the women in her family tree. Her dream is to create a video game with her as the main character, which is why she is ecstatic about landing a job as the CEO’s bodyguard at Ainsoft, a popular gaming company. CEO Ahn Min-Hyuk, portrayed by Park Hyung Sik, has been receiving anonymous threats because he’s next in line to take over his father’s other company. Meanwhile, there has been a series of kidnappings in Bong-Soon’s neighborhood. One of the lead investigators is Bong-Soon’s childhood friend, Guk-Doo (Ji Soo), who she is secretly in love with. Eventually, all three join forces to solve these crimes, and their relationships shift.


If that exciting plot didn’t convince you enough, ahead are six reasons why I can’t shut up about Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon (SWDBS): 

  1. The lead is a strong AF woman who does all the protecting!

    As sad as it is to admit, society still tells us that women are weaker than men. What’s worse is that this “weakness” is portrayed as more feminine, and as a result, more attractive. In SWDBS, Bong-soon literally kicks ass—and it doesn’t make her less feminine.
  2. Min-Hyuk is woke.

    A lot of men have reservations about hiring a woman to protect them, but Min-Hyuk was so impressed by Bong-Soon’s abilities that her gender didn’t matter at all. He even trains her so she can control her strength and protect people more effectively. There are moments when Bong-Soon wants to hide her gift from other people to appear normal, but Min-Hyuk tells her that her strength is something to be proud of. Plus, he’s not afraid to express his emotions, and that’s just sexy as hell.
  3. There are ~a lot~ of kilig moments.

    Apart from the kickass moves and thrilling storyline, SWDBS does not shy away from exchanges that will surely make your heart flutter, especially when Min-Hyuk has his aegyo moments.

  4. Bo Young is a really good actress.

    She can deliver a witty line in one scene and have you ugly crying just a minute later. No wonder every project she’s a part of is an instant success—Korea’s words, not mine, but I believe it!
  5. Two words: Mr. Oh.

    I just finished watching While You Were Sleeping, and tbh, it was hard for me to adjust to Kim Won Hae as Mr. Choi because I kept seeing Mr. Oh! Mr. Oh is a team leader in Ainsoft, and is the head of the department Bong-Soon wants to work in. Unfortunately, he has a crush on Min-Hyuk so he gives Bong-Soon a hard time, and all his scenes are HILARIOUS.
  6. A classic bromance exists.

    Like the Goblin and Grim Reaper, Min-Hyuk and Guk-Doo bicker and threaten each other, underneath it all, you know they respect and (eventually) trust each other. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re both not hard to look at. ;)
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