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Wil Dasovich Gets Real About Leaving The PH + Feeling Traumatized By Cancer

'It became difficult to talk about the same thing over and over again.'
PHOTO: YouTube/Wil Dasovich

On February 3, 2018, vlogger Wil Dasovich announced that he no longer has to undergo any cancer treatment. From August 2017 up until that time, he was battling against stage 3 colon cancer.

After the good news, Wil, who had been receiving treatment in the U.S., flew back to the Philippines to continue working on his vlogs and do inspiring interviews about the entire ordeal.

Little did any of us know that behind his strength and optimism, Wil was reliving the fear he experienced upon the diagnosis, to the point that he wanted to just run away from everything. And he did, by flying to the U.S. and going on a hiatus.

In his latest vlog titled “Why I Can No Longer Stay in the Philippines (Moving On),” Wil opens up about what’s been on his mind, especially since today marks the one-year anniversary of being told he was clear of cancer.

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He says, “Every time I’m asked about my experiences, I have to go back and recollect everything that has happened. Every time I do this, to some extent, I have to relive these moments.”

“Moments of fear and uncertainty,” he continues, “and getting that reality check that nothing in life is ever really certain. You never know what can happen.”

He even shares that he gets “flashbacks of the traumatic experience,” that it “hasn’t completely gone away yet.” So talking about cancer “leaves him with a heavy feeling.”

Fear makes Wil want to “shut down” and not talk to anyone, so in the U.S. he's just been on his own and taking a breather around nature.

Just to be clear, Wil did survive colon cancer last year. However, he has to undergo surveillance or checkups every year to make sure he continues to be cancer-free.

As of the time Wil vlogged about his feelings, he is awaiting the results of the scans. It’s understandable for him to feel fear and dread, since being cancer-free isn’t something that’s sure.

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Check out his vlog below:

Here's to hoping for the best.