Wil Dasovich Is ~*Officially*~ Dating Alodia Gosiengfiao

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PHOTO: Youtube/Wil Dasovich
  1. After months of speculation, Wil Dasovich has finally confirmed his relationship with Alodia Gosiengfiao through a vlog he posted on Valentine's Day! He starts the vlog by talking about what true love means to him: "There's a ton of people I've dated and loved and been in relationships with but I never really considered the idea of spending the rest of my life with that specific person...and I think that is the meaning of true love."

    If you're an avid fan, then you've probably noticed that the two have shared more intimate moments on-cam—something they thought was a clear confirmation of their romantic relationship. Wil explained, "We never denied anything. We thought it was just obvious...Everyone knew. Our core fanbase all knew. I guess, we thought it was confirmed like multiple times. There were so many videos and months that went by [when we thought], ‘'Oh, that's confirmation, right?'"

    Our fangirl hearts are screaming. We're so happy for #Wilodia! <3

  2. Speaking of love, Enrique Gil posted the most kilig message for Liza Soberano: "Ikaw na talaga ang forever ko, I love you."

    He also gave her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Liza posted a photo of her holding the bouquet with the caption, "You're my waking thought, my only dream, and everything I'll ever need."

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  3. Gretchen Ho and Atom Araullo are making the Internet go cray over their cryptic Twitter exchange. On February 13, Gretchen posted:

    Atom replied:

    To which Gretchen said, "???????????" Now the Internet wants to know what's up:

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  4. The men in Sarah Lahbati's life sure know how to make her feel special. Richard Gutierrez's Valentine's Day dedication is making us melt:

    Zion brought the flowers: 

  5. It's been six years, and the romance is still very much alive between Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler. Vanessa posted a simple yet sweet message for her longtime love:

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