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You'll Never Guess How Supermodel Naomi Campbell Taught Gigi And Bella Hadid To Work The Runway

Naomi knows best.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell helped Gigi and Bella Hadid perfect their runway walks in a hotel corridor.

The British stunner is impressed by the sisters’ work ethic and she has taken the fashion newbies under her wing.

"Bella asked me last year if I'd mentor her and I said yes," Naomi explained to U.S. talk show host Wendy Williams. "I love (her and Gigi) both. They're really great girls. They're hardworking girls."

The 45-year-old went on to reveal she gave the young models an impromptu lesson on how to properly strut their stuff on the catwalk during a recent hotel stay.

"So we were up at my hotel in the hallway... and the hallway was the runway," Naomi smiled. "People were coming out of the elevators, and I'm like, 'Keep going! Don't stop! That's your audience. Gimme some attitude!' I said, 'Bella, when someone says this to you, what kind of attitude do you have? Now, gimme that attitude!' It was really fun. They were great. And I'm really happy that if it helped them in any way, I'm happy to share myself like that."

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The veteran model insists she has no problem passing on the secrets of her success to younger generations because she feels so "blessed" and "grateful" to have had the opportunities offered to her throughout her career.

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Meanwhile, Naomi was also quizzed on her love life after recent rumors suggested she and actor Idris Elba had become romantically involved following his split from girlfriend Naiyana Garth in February.

"We're very good friends," she clarified. "I've known Idris for like, 15 years, and we love him. He's like family to me."

However, Naomi is on the lookout for love after recovering from her painful 2013 breakup with Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin after five years together.

"I wanted to take a three-year break after my last relationship," she said. "That was so traumatizing that I needed to take a break. That's exactly what I did. Three years (single)... (But now) I'm open (for love)." 

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