Your P100 Bills Look Different Now, Sort Of!

So we all don't confuse them with P1,000 bills.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on Monday released new P100 banknotes with a more distinct mauve or violet color to help the public distinguish it from the similar-looking P1,000 bills.

BSP added that all the other features of the previous P100 bill will be retained including the enhanced security features against counterfeiters.

The old P100 bills, meanwhile, can still be used by the public for transactions.

The BSP’s move stems from numerous complaints regarding incidents where P1,000 bills were mistakenly thought to be its lesser valuable counterpart due to their similar colors.

This resulted in many instances with taxi drivers giving the wrong change to passengers thinking they handed out the P100 bill—especially when it's dark inside the cab. 

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