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Ysabel Ortega Finishes College With A Degree In Political Economy

'If you put your heart into whatever you wish to achieve, you can make it happen.'

22-year-old Kapuso actress Ysabel Ortega has finished college! She earned her B.A. in Political Economy from the University of Asia and the Pacific. Ysabel now joins the list of celebs who have recently finished high school or college in 2021. 

On Instagram, Ysabel detailed the hard work that went into balancing school and showbiz. "For the past four years, I have poured my heart, my tears, and my time into completing my bachelor’s degree and I can't believe I made it to the finish line," she started.

Detailing all the effort she put into her career and studies, Ysabel said that she would keep herself awake in class with cans of energy drinks and coffee. A testament to this is a post she made in October 2021, where she said that she missed being inside a classroom "fueled by coffee and running on four hours of sleep."


Ysabel added that she also experienced nervous breakdowns "whenever I had to leave exams early just to make it to work on time, [and] vice versa."

Ysabel said that people around her made her choose between showbiz and school. "Some told me to drop out and focus on my work, while others told me to quit showbiz and focus on my studies instead," she shared.

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"There were some who thought I wouldn't be able to do both and there were times in where I was so close to believing them, but I didn't want to give up on my dreams. Now, here I am with proof that if you put your heart into whatever you wish to achieve, you can make it happen," Ysabel continued.

The actress thanked her parents for "pushing me and always being my rock," her blockmates and friends that she made over the past four years, and her professors for believing in her. She added, "I may not be getting my graduation march, but I'm still as grateful and proud of what I have accomplished. This is all for You."

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