Zac Efron's Brother Dylan Is Very, Very Hot

We'd happily date either of them tbh.
PHOTO: Instagram/zacefron

We interrupt your normal Saturday morning routine with an incredibly important public service announcement: Zac Efron has a very, very attractive brother and you're gonna need to date see him right now.

Time to tape your chin to your cheeks and try to refrain from dribbling a new Pacific Ocean, because Dylan Efron is about to be your new coffee break obsessionabs, jawline, deliciously defined arms 'n' all.

On any other day, we'd fight to the death with you about Zac Efron being one of the hottest men ever to walk the Earth, and challenge anybody to tell us otherwise.

Er, and then his younger brother Dylan walked onto the sceneand we would've eaten our words if we weren't too busy trying to put our tongues back into our mouths.

Extensive research (read: a bit of Instagram stalking) reveals Dylan's a keen hiker, into his American football and partakes in triathlons occasionally too.

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Now let's all revel in his glory and consider which Efron brother we'd rather date, shall we?

On Dylan's birthday, Zac shared a photo of them together along with the caption: "Happy belated sibling day to my legit brother- who I love despite taking the good genes- we make a pretty damn good team [sic]."


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