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10 Ways Your Period Can Ruin Your Day

Life is never easy when it's that time of the month.

Oh, we know we have it every month, but having one's period has never been a welcome event in any girl's life. Off-the-wall hormones, fear of getting back stains, cramps, and not being able to wear anything you want—it's never a walk in the park. Here are 10 ways having your period can ruin an almost-perfect day:

1. You’ve planned the perfect beach weekend with the girls but your period comes a day too early.    

Buh-bye fabulous bikini, you’ll just park yourself on the day bed and skip the beach and the pool.

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2. You’re called in for an interview for your dream job but your hormones make you the most irritable girl on the planet and you snap at your interviewer.

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Can life have a rewind button please? 

3. You have a presentation to the boss but you have menstrual cramps and can’t get up from your bed.

There’s nothing like your period to keep you from that one chance to be noticed for a promotion. 

4. Your crush finally asks you on a date but you can’t wear your fave skin-tight tight jeans. 

It’s the first day of your period and the only thing you feel like wearing is a shapeless sweater to cover your butt for potential back stains.

5. You’re finally on vacation leave, but cramps and a heavy period have you sulking in bed the whole day.

There goes your plans for a road trip. 

6. Donning a hot mini skirt you scored on sale but you’re too uncomfortable all day, scared that the tight skirt will help induce a back stain. 

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Why must girls endure this hardship? 

7. You get invited to the biggest party of the year but you feel lousy, bloated, and miserable. 

There aren’t any perks to being a wallflower.

8. It’s the first day of your period so you dress down in baggy jeans and a shapeless shirt while running errands and bump into the ex-boyfriend you’re not quite over yet. 

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It’s definitely not your day. 

9. You’re on the last days of your diet program, but your hormones are driving you crazy: you want ice cream, crispy pata, and pizza all at the same time. 

Ugh, the diet can resume next week.

10. You feel great wearing a fab all-white outfit when you realize you have a back stain from getting your period early.

You’ve been strutting like a Supermodel all day only to find out that you have a back stain. This. Whole. Time. 

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