4 Easy Ways To Detox After The Holidays

Lemonade will get rid of that extra bulge.

The days leading up to the 31st always leave us feeling heavy and guilty. But who can blame us? It would be a sin to let the remains of our holiday buffets go to waste. That said, we round up some easy detox tips you can totally do at home to help you flush out the bad toxins from your body post-New Year's Eve.

1. Load up on H2O

Swap your morning coffee, soda, and orange juice for a glass of water. It helps flush out sodium from your body and leaves you feeling fuller during meals. This way, you won’t over-eat...again!

2. Drink this lemonade.

It’s a fast and easy way to get rid of that bulge. We guarantee you’ll feel a lot lighter. 

3. Swap coffee for green tea.

Your liver’s probably pretty beat with all the alcohol you’ve consumed this Christmas. Reboot and recharge its filtering function by sipping on green tea that’s full of antioxidants.   

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4. Eat your veggies.

Yes, lechon is a good thing. But too much of it can be bad, so resist heating or frying the leftovers and just go for good old veggies, at least for now. Load up on broccoli and artichokes which are great for detox!

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