5 Ways Your Period Messes With Your Toilet Habits

Because bleeding from your vagina isn't enough for your body to deal with.

While it's common knowledge that women can experience bloating and cramping around their time of the month, how else does having a period affect your bowel movements and pooping habits? Dr. Clare Morrison and Dr. Ellie Cannon have the answers.

1. Constipation

"For two weeks leading up to each period there is a hormone called progesterone. It is the same hormone that is released in pregnancy, and it stops the uterus from contracting. However, it also makes the bowel contract less, leading to constipation and bloating."

2. Fluid retention

Dr. Morrison added: "In addition, when your period causes the release of hormone profesterone, it can cause an increased appetite, sometimes with food cravings, weight gain and fluid retention."

3. Needing to pee more

"After two weeks the level of progesterone drops, causing a period to start. The fall in progesterone, and an increase in chemicals called prostaglandins, cause diarrhea and painful cramps. The retained fluid is passed in the urine, causing more frequent trips to the loo for a few days."

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4. Food cravings

Whilse you might already know that you crave fatty foods during your period due to hormonal changes, this in itself can affect your toilet habits too. If you're crowding food rich in fibre with carbs and sugas, you're likely to get a bit constipated and slow down your pooping habits significantly.

5. Stress and anxiety   

You might not know it, but stress and anxiety can change your bowel movements during your period. Because there are more neurons in the gastrointestinal tract (aka the stomach and intestines) than in the brain, when you get nervous, it throws your bowel movements out of their normal sync.

So there you go. ENJOY.

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