Adult Coloring Books Exist!

And they're the perfect activity for your digital detox.

Coloring books were a huge part of your childhood, right? Guess what? There’s now such a thing as adult coloring books. Although they still aim to unleash your creative side, this time around, they're also for relaxing and de-stressing.

Compared to the ones we all grew up with, the adult version has more intricate patterns and pictures. This means having to color a lot of thinner and smaller spaces. Maybe focusing on those would really take our minds off of work and deadlines and chores.

Here are some books you’ll find therapeutic to color:

The Can't Sleep Coloring Book (available in Fully Booked)

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Pretty Patterns Coloring Book (available in Fully Booked)

The Typography Coloring Book (available in Fully Booked)

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Color Me Doodle (made to order)

Of all the calming things you can do, why color? Well, it’s another way for you to do something great offline. So tap that Wi-Fi icon off and find your colored pencils!

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