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Being Obese Will Shrink Your Brain And Dull Your Mind

Time to check if you're leading a healthy lifestyle.

Research published in Gerontology last month found that women who have strong legs have a "fit" brain that resists the effects of aging. That's one proof that a healthy (or unhealthy) body affects the brain, and another reason to have an active lifestyle

Another proof and reason is research published in the International Journal of Obesity. Scientists followed 420 people for eight years and found that the higher the BMI, the greater the rate of decline in the area of the brain known as the hippocampus.

The hippocampus is that part of the brain that deals with long-term memories and spatial navigation. It's actually the first to get damaged in people who suffer from Alzheimer's disease.

Yup, bad news if you have a high BMI.

What counts as high, though? Well, each one-point increase in your BMI above the overweight mark/category means a 0.4 percent smaller hippocampus.

That said, all the more you should eat healthy and exercise for a healthy brain.

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