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How To Get Your Butt Out Of Bed In The A.M.

Find your alarm soul mate.

There’s work procrastination, and then there’s bedtime procrastination, which clinical psychologists describe as “failing to go to bed at the intended time, while no external circumstances prevent a person from doing so.” That includes tinkering with your mobile phone and social networking accounts before hitting the sack, even if you’re already dead tired. And when the alarm goes off in the morning, you hit the snooze button one too many times as you try your best to drag yourself out of bed.

If you’re a deep sleeper, stubborn snoozer, or simply a morning zombie, there are ways to get your butt out of bed in the morning without begging for “15 more minutes.”

1. Go to bed early.

According to an article by Rosie Osmum of Amerisleep, hitting the sack early has scientific benefits. A well-rested mind helps you deal with daytime productivity, worrying, and problem solving better. But sleeping early entails more than just flopping into bed at a certain hour every night. Set up your sleep environment to create the coziest, distraction-free bedtime routine. KeepInspiring.Me suggests the following tricks: block all sources of light and noisy gadgets and take a relaxing shower before bed. If you like reading before sleeping, go for an old-fashioned book and bedside light—not gadgets or eBooks that need bright screens. Make sure what you’re reading is light, like fiction or quick novels, and has nothing to do with your daytime work.


2. Stop hating mornings. said it best: “Let go of morning baggage.” Mornings have gotten so much flack for being the evil that takes away the pleasure of sleep. Throw away every misconception that you’ve embedded in your head since childhood. Stop Instagramming “I hate mornings” memes. Start looking at mornings in a different light—a chance to pursue your passions or a way to explore new beginnings.

3. Find your alarm soul mate.

Some people purchase the loudest, most annoying old-fashioned alarm clock that turns them into The Hulk as soon as it rings. For others, the mobile phone alarm is enough. Others work better with light musical alarms that gently wake them up. Some people go as far as hiding their alarm clocks in a spot far away from the bed so that they are forced to get up to turn it off. There are even alarm apps that adapt to your personal sleep cycle. Figure out which type of alarm works best for you.

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4. Create ideal mornings.

“Give yourself a good reason to get out of bed, whether it’s a hot shower, a cozy housecoat, a few minutes of meditation, a coffee maker set on a timer that fills the house with a delicious aroma, or a hot cup of Earl Grey tea to be enjoyed in the quiet dark,” wrote Katherine Martinko wrote in Creating an appealing early-morning routine makes it more pleasant to get out of your comfy sheets.

5. Eliminate excuses.

Instead of constantly justifying why you’d rather hit the snooze button, do something about the elements that keep you from having great mornings. According to Jeff Goins, author of The Art of Work, if you feel there are too many things to do as soon as you wake up, try having your things ready the night before, like the clothes you plan to wear or an automatic coffee maker that sets up in time for your alarm. Feeling lethargic and constantly tired? Perhaps it’s time to rethink your daily habits, nutrition, and exercise.


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