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If You Want To Sleep Better, Cut Down On Sugar


We all know that sugar is bad for our waistlines, and that the more we eat and drink it, the more pounds we'll pile on. Research from Queen Mary University in London recently pointed out that cutting the sugar content in sweet drinks by 40 percent over the next couple of years would prevent a million cases of obesity in the UK.

But sugar doesn't just affect our weight, as scientist Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan has stressed that excessive sugar intake can also affect our sleeping habits.

Dr. Anna Weighall from the University of Leeds recently worked with bed and mattress manufacturer Silentnight on an in-depth study, which found a correlation between how much shut-eye we get and how much we crave sugar. Research documented in Sleep Disorders: Treatment & Care revealed that high-calorie diets in young people lead to a shorter sleep.

Dr. Ramlakhan is adamant that sugar should be avoided near bed time, especially for light sleepers. “Sugar can cause more restlessness and hyperactivity, especially if you’re a sensitive sleeper, so best to minimize it. I would encourage people to break the cycle with a low sugar or a sugar-free drink before bed. If you have a hot drink before you go to sleep, it best to make it with almond milk which is high in tryptophan—proven to improve sleep,” she added.


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