Post Your Smudged Lipstick Selfies On Instagram For Cancer Awareness!

Have you had a pap smear yet?

If you’ve been seeing selfies of women with smudged lipstick on your Instagram timeline, it’s not just a random #HotMess snapshot. They’re actually doing it to spread awareness for cervical cancer.

By launching the online #SmearForSmear campaign, U.K.-based foundation Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust hopes to raise awareness and encourage women to get more regular pap smear tests. Chief Executive Robert Music tells, “If we can just save one life with this campaign, then we have achieved a great deal. The response from the public has been fantastic and we already have women telling us #SmearForSmear has reminded them to book their overdue smear tests.”

Rita Ora is one of the first celebrities to join the campaign, and we think more will follow suit in the next couple of days.


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