Soon You'll Be Able To Track Your Period On Your iPhone

As well as how lazy you are every day.

Apple announced today at their WWDC15 conference that the upcoming iOS9 system update will include a period tracker, according to Fusion. A period tracker!

After last year's conference, many wondered why the extensive additions to the iOS8 HealthKit update included pretty much everything but a way to track your period. Tracking a menstrual cycle seemed just as important as the other new introductions— body measurements, fitness, nutrition, sleep, blood alcohol content, caffeine intake, and vitals, to name a few.

In fact, Fortune noted that today marked the first time a female Apple rep appeared on stage at this annual conference. Tim Cook also told Mashable that he plans to ramp up the company's female presence. He acknowledged that Apple hasn't done a good job historically of providing diverse female role models—which may be why it took so long to get a period tracker in the first place.

Apple's live blog of this year's event showed the "reproductive health tracker" in smaller as maybe to not call attention to the fact that people were angry that this addition was a year late:

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Wired reports that in addition to the tracker, Apple's senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi announced that other iOS9 HealthKit updates include tracking how much water you drink, how often you're sitting, and your UV exposure.

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There's no further information yet on how the tracker will actually work (the only screengrab provided by Apple demonstrates the other three HealthKit additions), but iOS9 will be available to all iPhone users in the fall. Until then, you'll have to keep track of your period the good old-fashioned way—by backtracking frantically to the last day you had sex and trying to remember when your last period was.


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