Popping Your Pimples Could Be Life-Threatening

Like, you can die.
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It's all too tempting upon the arrival of a massive great whitehead slap bang in the middle of your face, to give it a squeeze. But after digesting this concerning new information, you might finally learn to step away from the mirror with those fingers and leave your poor spots alone.

Because squeezing spots can actually have some pretty serious repercussions if you're targeting ones in what's known as "the danger zone." It all sounds very Crystal Maze, but unlike the Crystal Maze, this is actually something we should probably all pay attention to.

The danger zone is the triangular-shaped area from the top of your lip to the ridge of your nose just below your eyebrows, and it contains blood vessels which drain down to the back of your head, directly linked to your brain.

When spots are squeezed, especially when it's done with unclean fingers, this can open up the blemish to infection. And where might these infections spread? To your brain, if they travel through the blood vessels right back to your nerve centre where they could cause severe damage. Scary, right?

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So while spots might look unsightly, if they're located in the danger zone you're better off leaving them well alone. Because sorry to state the obvious, but a standard blemish on your face is a small price to pay to make sure you don't cause yourself irreparable damage like loss of sight, paralysis or even death.

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