This Body Challenge Is Now Trending And It Looks Really Dangerous

It looks really painful, too.

This week, the belly button challenge, which started in China, is trending on social media. How it works: You wrap your arm behind and around your waist, then reach for your belly button.

A number of people have already posted photos of themselves trying it out. In China, if you’re able to do it, it means you’re thin and fit.

If you can’t, then you’re supposed to feel some kind of shame because you’re supposedly fat. But that’s not the case. This guy who’s on the curvy side was able to do it (and gained 8,000 Weibo likes).

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So this must mean it’s just about flexibility—shoulder flexibility, actually. It doesn’t say much of anything else. Neither does it prove anything about anyone’s fitness, contrary to what these trend followers think.

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You might have already tried doing the challenge when you saw the photos. Or you could’ve thought that there’s no way you would since it looks really hard. In any case, if you can’t, don’t stress yourself out over it like some people have done already. Some of them have tried so hard their arms, elbows, or wrists have gotten dislocated.

Apart from shoulder flexibility, the belly button challenge doesn’t shed light on anything else about you or your body. So if you can or can’t, just shrug it out. (Just as you should any body challenge.)

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