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This Device Will Make Sure You Never Forget Your Pill

It's smart enough to know where you are in your cycle, and what to do if you missed a dose.

If you're on contraceptive pills, for sure there was at least one time you forgot to take one, and another time you forgot to take more than one pill. And you know what comes with finally remembering: anxiety. Are you at risk of getting pregnant? Do you have to spend on a new pack now? Do you swallow pills now, and if you should, how many?

A device has been created to eliminate all that drama. Oviary is a wireless electronic portable compartment for your blister pack that notifies you via text message or the Oviary app that you've missed your pill. It also teaches you how to stay protected when that happens. 

Oviary was conceptualized by Jessica Walter, an ob-gyn, and it was built with the help of Nate Sharpe, a former Apple software engineer, Steve Xu, a medical device expert, and Ed Tung, an award-winning product designer. Jessica knows a lot of women are on the pill, so she hopes "to make it easier for them to take it more reliably and really maximize the benefits it can offer."

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For some women, alarms on their phones suffice. But there are women who've failed to take their pill when they're traveling or at a meeting and dismissed their alarm. To solve this, Jessica and her partners "put some intelligence" into Oviary. "We [added] a critical component to the feedback loop. Oviary automatically tracks and reminds you, which is super helpful for women who have trouble manually tracking everything themselves." Meaning, this critical component lets Oviary know what kind of birth control pills you are taking and where you are in your cycle.

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To know more about Oviary, check out this video:

Oviary is currently raising funds on Kickstarter for its manufacturing.

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