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This Is How Much You Should Stand In A Day

Get up and get moving!

We already know that sitting down for long periods of time isn't good for us—that we should take breaks in between to walk around or stretch our legs. But just how much time should we spend away from our desks? According to a new study published in the European Heart Journal, the answer is two hours. 

Researchers asked nearly 800 participants to wear activity trackers 24/7 for a whole week and provide blood samples and other vital information such as blood pressure and weight. Running the data gathered with a mathematical model that estimated how the alloted time would affect one's health, they discovered that spending just two extra hours standing up or moving around already had a significant impact on a person's health. 

"Specifically, more time spent standing was associated with a two percent lower average blood sugar levels and [an] 11 percent lower levels of triglycerides. Cholesterol levels showed improvement as well," reports

Need motivation to get up and move? These suggestions may help!

1. Listen to a workout playlist.
Give yourself 10 minutes every few hours to walk around or just stand up. Put on your headphones and listen to this August playlist!

2. Eat standing up.
Does your office pantry have bar counters? Instead of grabbing a stool, eat standing up. That's at least 30 minutes of your two hours right there!

3. Use fitness apps.
These days, there are plenty of apps to suit your lifestyle. We list down a few seven-minute workout apps for you to choose from here

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