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Here's Why Chanyeol's Fan Meet In Manila Became A *Tear-Jerking* Event For EXO-Ls

BRB, crying while writing this.
EXO Park Chanyeol Fan Meet by Ever Bilena
PHOTO: Instagram/everbilenaofficial

EXO's Park Chanyeol is a man of many, many talents. He can sing, he can dance, he can also act, and most importantly, he can always make his fans feel his utmost love and appreciation for them.

ICYMI, we entered the month of October with "Chanyeol's Fun Meet In Manila." At first, it was an event to showcase his beauty and charisma as the first global male ambassador of the Filipino cosmetic line, Ever Bilena.

But as an EXO-L, the fan meet was an intimate moment for all of us. It brought us many happy tears that night, for real—and now, we're sharing it all with you.

Here are five of the most unforgettable moments from Chanyeol's Fun Meet In Manila:

1. Chanyeol's Fun, Fun, Fun, Energy

Hours before the show proper, a press conference was held between the media and Chanyeol. As the man of the hour entered the press con stage, his radiant smile and bubbly cheeks welcomed all of us. Standing 6'1 foot tall, Chanyeol greeted everyone at the venue with the warmest smile ever.


He genuinely answered all the press con questions, and even revealed some interesting and quite surprising details about himself. One thing that shocked most EXO-Ls was when he mentioned that he actually studied English in the Philippines when he was still in middle school.

When asked if he would like to live in Manila, Chanyeol responded with a cheerful "every day"—which surely delighted Filipino fans! We won, you guys!

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2. Ever Bilena's love For EXO-Ls

We can't fail to mention Ever Bilena's efforts to make EXO-L's day with Chanyeol extra special. From the ticketing days up to the fan meet day, they prepared a lot for fans. Outside the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Plenary Hall, various booths were available for fans to take photos with, bond with fellow EXO-Ls, play games, and even sign up for Ever Bilena's raffle.

Take a glimpse of their booths here in our Instagram reel:

Also, fan projects were successfully coordinated with Ever Bilena—and it was indeed a memorable one! Chanyeol was so amazed to see the prepared projects for him. He couldn't stop thanking the fans and praising them for their dedication!


3. Chanyeol surprised fans with a song!

At the beginning of the fan meet, Chanyeol entered the stage while singing his sub-unit EXO-SC's "Nothin'." His soulful performance gave everyone all the ~*kilig*~ feels!

Solid EXO-L and actor Gabby Eigenmann was also present at the fan meet and captured the amazing act of Chanyeol. 

Later on, during the show, host Denise Laurel revealed that Chanyeol's performance was actually *not* part of the program's script. She said that it was Chanyeol who insisted on performing for his fans. Aww!


4. EXO-Ls video that made everyone emotional.

Aside from an ocean of lights for Chanyeol, EXO-Ls also prepared a special video expressing their love and support for the idol. It was the video that made everyone teary-eyed.

Everyone got emotional after seeing a video of fans telling how much they've loved Chanyeol for the past 10 years, how much they always long for his happiness, and his success in this industry. It was indeed a night full of love, you guys.

Here's the video presented to Chanyeol at the fan meet:


One more thing, the Ever Bilena team also prepared a same-day edit video, which made Chanyeol so happy! It looked like he was not aware that same-day edit videos exist!

5. Chanyeol's heartwarming realizations from the fan meet.

It's not a secret to many that EXO endured a lot of rough patches along their road to success. From members leaving to netizens attacking their married member, up to sudden military enlistment and contract termination news, they've overcome all of those together.


Despite Chanyeol's 11-year career as an idol, he has realized once again how much of an impact he has on his fans. Gearing towards the end of his fan meet, Chanyeol conveyed the most heartwarming message to EXO-Ls.

"This feeling I have right now is that I want to live a better life from now... I'm just an ordinary person... By watching this video, you made me realize that my existence gives you a lot of strength, so I have this determination that I cannot live without trying my best," an almost tearful Chanyeol said.

His words gave me a flashback to all the times that I held onto the thought of EXO as a source of inspiration, strength, and courage. It brought fans back to all the moments when EXO and Chanyeol have given them a boost during the hard times of their lives.

See you again soon, Chanyeol. ~See you soonest, EXO~


Special thanks to Ever Bilena.

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