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10 Problems Only Single Pinay Girls Understand

"God, I hate couples. Why can't all my friends consciously uncouple?"

1. Being asked, "Kelan ka ba magkaka-boyfriend?" for the 100th time.

Also known as the single girl equivalent to the question, "Kelan ka ba mag-aasawa?" Do you have any idea how annoying it is to sit through reunions with all your relatives while they gossip about why on earth you're still single? "Maganda ka naman. Mabait! Ano kaya problema sa'yo?" I don't know. Maybe it's because...I DON'T GIVE A F*CK.

2. "Sige ka, baka tumanda kang dalaga."

Says the most annoying tita or tito. Okay, we get it. Hot, single, and super straight guys are hard to find. And if we don't start putting ourselves out there, we will end up old, alone, and miserable. With a dozen cats.

3. Dating around.

There is nothing more emotionally, physically, and mentally challenging than dating strangers. When a guy asks for your number, you get kilig. But the real panic comes when he actually asks you out for dinner. It's not just figuring out what to wear—or what kind of cat eye you should do on your lids. It's figuring out talk points during the duration of the night, stressing about how to deal with the awkward silence, and just not being a complete dork in front of your Really Hot, Smart, Sobrang-Lupit-Ng-Biceps-Mo-Tao-Ka-Ba? Date.

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4. Being on the receiving end of the guy who NEVER TEXTS BACK.

We've been there. Constantly checking your phone, every time it beeps or vibrates—hoping it's your Really Hot, Smart, Sobrang-Lupit-Ng-Biceps-Mo-Tao-Ka-Ba? Guy.

5. Two words: Friday Nights.

"Ey, what are you doing this Friday? Wanna have a couple of drinks at Draft?" says single girl you. "Oh, sorry! I have dinner with Mike, eh," says your recently non-single BFF. Suddenly, everyone you know makes 1/2 of a couple. Therefore, everyone in your life has made plans. For like, the next three years.

6. Being the third wheel.

It's actually not so bad. But if you happen to third wheel with one of those couples who do nothing but hold hands, kiss, and be annoyingly cute together, that's a problem. Dear God, please allow me to go home and watch reruns of Be Careful With My Heart instead.

7. Weddings.


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Also known as events where you have to deal with conversations that go like this:

Friend: "O, akala ko plus one mo si Ralph?"
You: "Ah. Break na kami."
Friend: "OMG! KELAN PA?"
You: "Hehe"

*croo croo*

8. People feeling sorry for you.

People just assume that when you're single, all you do is sit around eating a tub of ice cream watching The Notebook for the 365th time. That is only partially true. You have only watched The Notebook 200 times. And you only like watching it because of Ryan Gosling and the gift that is his abs.

9. Having no means of transportation.

Only applicable to girls who 1. Do not own a car; 2. Cannot drive. Suddenly, you have to go from Point A to Point B, and you have no one to take you. How will you go home after downing 13 shots of tequila, you ask? With your home address literally scribbled on your arm by your best friend so the cab driver would know where to go. That's how.

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10. Wanting to do EVERYTHING.

It happens. One day, you make 1/2 of a super awesome couple. The next thing you know, you're flying solo. Suddenly, you want to travel on your own, go back to school, run a full marathon, learn how to cook, bake a cake, juggle 12 tennis balls, and get your Ph.D. in Being Awesome.

Oh wait, that's actually a good thing.