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10 Struggles Only Female Drivers Understand

'Why are there so many cars out? It's so early!" -Me, every single day.
PHOTO: Nick Onken

1. Trying to drive in high heels when you have an important meeting to attend to.

This is ridiculous. No girl can drive in stilettos. Y'all should just drive barefoot. 

2. Not being able to cruise the city with the windows down.

The smog and humidity in our country? It’s the perfect recipe for a bad hair day.

3. Your car being a mess.

Girls live in their cars. There are clothes, makeup, an extra pair of shoes, and accessories everywhere. Maybe an extra pair of falsies. When somebody hitches a ride with you going home, you always say, "Wait lang, girl. Ayusin ko lang 'yung likod."

4. Parking.

Come on, everyone finds this difficult. Have you ever tried parking while another driver honks at you for taking forever? Sobrang stressful. STOP. HONKING. YOU. EVIL. DRIVER. PATIENCE. IS. A. VIRTUE.

5. Paying for parking.

"P60 for 3 hours?! Saan gawa ang parking space dito? Ginto?"


6. Basically, driving.

Driving in this country? Possibly the worst thing about your day. You're dealing with a lot of different things, like traffic, annoying motorcycle drivers, jeepneys that stop to take in passengers in the middle of the road, buses along EDSA, and pedestrians who jaywalk. You wouldn't mind taking public transportation, but have you tried our public transportation? 

7. Waking up early.

Just so you can beat everyone else to work. But the traffic is horrible, no matter what time you leave.

8. Leaving work late.

"Midnight na, bakit ang dami pa ring tao sa daan? Where are all these cars coming from?"

9. Getting a flat tire, having the engine die on you, or Skyway.

Alam mo 'yung worst day ever? Eto 'yun.

10. Being unfairly judged for being a female driver.

It’s 2016, people! Not all women on the road are bad drivers. You may hate parking, but you're good at it.

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