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10 Ways You Can Do More

How to reach your goals and do more on a daily basis!

If there is anything in the world that you wish you did more, what would it be? Exercise regularly? Travel? Try an extreme sport? There are so many things on our bucket lists that remain unchecked—so what’s holding us back?

This hesitant mindset is precisely what Rexona is trying to change with its Do:More challenge. We should seize the moment while we still can. Make the most of today and don’t be afraid to take risks. Isn’t that what being a fun, fearless female is all about?

Rexona endorser Bianca Gonzalez shares, “I'm so lucky that I love the work that I do. Everything that I'm passionate about that I get to do makes me happy. [Remember that] it doesn't take that much to do more; you just have to want to.”

Phil Younghusband adds, “[Doing more gives me] an adrenaline rush. The more things we do, the more positive effect it will have on other things. I think it's finding your passion. For anyone looking to do more, you have to find something that you love.”

So how can we do more? View our gallery for our suggestions!

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