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11 Best Things About Being A South Girl


1. Tagaytay for coffee, G?

When you randomly feel like grabbing a cup of coffee in the middle of the night with your cocol buddies, your default chill place is Starbucks Tagaytay. Curfew is never a problem because you are literally 30 minutes away.

2. Which also means instant roadtrip with the barkada.

All your Instagram photos show you (and everyone else) in the same gray hoodie.

3. You are equal parts probinsyana and city girl.

Sure, you like going out. But you'd rather chill at a friend's house instead of spending money for alcohol at some expensive bar. Why do people do this?? Why can't people just buy beer and drink in the house? If y'all get too drunk to drive, you can just sleep over! So. Much. Fun. Okay.

4. Your boyfriend/future boyfriend won't worry about planning date nights because you prefer Netflix and chill.

Who is #TeamBahay? You are Team Bahay.


5. But you also like surprising him with random beach trips.

The best part about being from the South is that you're ~*chill*~ AF. Forget hanging out at noisy clubs and crowded malls, all you wanna do is go to the beach with your bae.

6. You know that you don’t have to get wasted to enjoy a night with the barkada.

Your idea of fun is not limited to booze.

7. You don’t really have to travel far to shop.

Paseo de Sta. Rosa and Nuvali have the best outlet stores and guess what? They're RIGHT. NEXT. DOOR.

8. You’re always G when your officemates want to visit EK or Splash Island.

You will never understand how you have friends in their 30s who have never been to Enchanted Kingdom or Splash Island. "Seryoso ka? Set na 'yan!"

9. And your friends love you for being the best tour guide, ever.

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Who needs Zomato when you know the best restaurants in Alabang, Sucat, and Paranaque?

10. You value time.

Traffic is a real situation, and you don't want to keep your North friends waiting when you agree to meet them in Quezon City for lunch. "Guys, tawad! Late lunch na lang? Makati pa."

11. It’s so easy to buy "pasalubong." that your friends usually only get to buy during field trips.

Your friends get to buy sweet treats like special buko pie, mango, blueberry, and stawberry tarts during a field trip. You don't need a field trip to do that, girl. #SouthGirlPerks

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