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11 Downsides Of Having A Guy Best Friend

'We're not dating, okay!!!'

1. You cant ask him for fashion advice.

You’re still not sure about your floral top and skirt combo, so you ask him if you look human enough to go out on a date. He looks at you and says, "Oo, okay na 'yan!" Or, "HAHA MUKHA KANG SISIMBA."

2. Everyone assumes you guys are together.

You are not and never will be.

3. So they insist that you should start dating him.

You actually considered it at one point, but when you realized how much you’ve seen each other grow up, you immediately dismissed the idea. “It’s like I’m dating my brother! No, thank you.”

4. He forgets that youre a girl.

Yeah, sure you could keep up with all his activities but you still have to remind him not to take his pants off when you’re around. Uhm, hello, babae pa rin ako!

5. Your girl friends keep bugging you to introduce them to him.

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Which is always a pain in the ass because you already know your best friend’s type, and Karen just won’t cut it. “I think may nililigawan na siya eh! Sorry!”

6. Its a challenge to introduce the new guy youre dating.

Like that one time you introduced this guy you met at a party and your best friend was too quick to respond, Hay nako, hindi seryoso yan! Maniwala ka sa kin! Haaaaay.

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7. Boys are insensitive.

Whenever he blurts out comments like, Uy bes, tumataba ka yata! Hahaha, you tell him it’s not funny and that he needs to STFU.

8. The girl hes dating sneakily tries to find out if theres something going on between you two.

Or if you had a past. LOL!

9. You become his little ninja.

If he likes a girl, he will ask you to go full-on spy or help bridge him to get to know her better. You do it, but with pizza in exchange, of course.

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10. People think youre boyish.

Your friends genuinely get surprised when you wear a dress or red lipstick. What? It's nice on me!

11. You ask him for some guy advice and he doesn't talk BS.

Alam mo, di ka niya na babalikan kaya wag ka na umiyak diyan! Beer?