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11 Signs You're A South Girl

Really, it's more fun in the South!

1. Meetups with North friends MUST and SHOULD be in Makati or The Fort.
You spend P160 just to get from Point South to Point North. When friends tell you that brunch is in SM Megamall or Robinsons Magnolia, you reply with, "Oh, I suddenly can't, I'm sick," or, "Wala pala akong driver today, sorry!" #FOMO is real, you guys.

2. You dread driving anywhere past Makati.
It’s not that you don’t trust your driving skills. It’s just physically impossible to navigate around the North, that’s all. Driving around the rotonda that is Quezon City Circle is a bitch. A bitch! 

3. That FARview joke just never gets old
Never. Ever.

4. You get emotional each time you hear rumors that Mt. McDo will be closing down.
You’ve made too many memories there. To you, it’s a national heritage site.

5. ATC? Oh, you mean Town.
Really, who calls it ATC? Oh yeah, non-South people.

6. You wear your pambahay to Town.
Who cares if you’re just in shorts and slippers?

7. You know it’s a mortal sin to ride a cab in the South.
Those fixed rates are just ridiculous. Your only modes of transportation are your car, your feet, the occasional village tricycles, and the Alabang-Zapote jeeps.


8. Your idea of a Friday night is drinking at someone's house.
A chill inuman session with friends is always better than a tugs-tugs party with 100 other strangers.

9. House parties always end up in the streets.
Until this day you can’t explain why you and your friends like hanging out in the streets of the village.

10. You immediately bond with a school/officemate who apparently lives in the South, too.
Insta-carpool mate!

11. Nothing can kill your chill vibe.
NOTHING! That’s why the North people love us so much! We're waaay too chill.


11 Signs You're A North Girl

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