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11 Signs You're Cebuana

You easily give off the conyo vibe.

1. You're equal parts city girl, beach bum, and bukid babe.
You live in a city where both the beach and the mountains are a 30-minute ride away, so you're always up for anything. You can literally run to the mall, and go straight to snorkeling, island hopping, and mountain trekking after.

2. You easily give off the conyo vibe.
It's not like you do it on purpose, but it's really hard for you to speak in Filipino fluently without stopping every several words to insert English words. You try very, VERY hard to speak in Filipino, but it's way waaay easier for you to talk in English or Cebuano.

3. You think that everything in Manila is far.
Getting around Cebu is soo easy, because Point B is so near from Point A! So when you get to Manila, you kind of cry a little because you think it's ridiculous Makati is an hour away from Quezon City. 


4. You know everyone.
Cebu is a small city, so the chances of you running into someone you know are high. If Cebu were a social networking site, everyone would most likely have at least (AT LEAST!) five friends in common.

5. Whether you like it or not, you will always be updated with the local news.
Word travels fast in Cebu. You might already know something about someone before you’ve met them. It's creepy, I know.

6. You like to shop in Ayala or SM.
When we say, "Let's meet up in Ayala or SM," we literally mean Ayala or SM.
 Because there is only one Ayala mall and one SM mall.

7. You get excited with mall expansions and store openings.
Like, Forever 21! And Zara!

8. You eat with your hands
No matter how poised you are or how clean and fresh your new manicure is, if you’re eating lechon, bbq, or pusô, there's a 110% chance you're eating it with your hands. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

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9. You love pusô.
Pusô, or hanging rice, is a type of rice cooked inside a three-dimensional diamond made out of coconut palm leaves. No matter how hard you try, you will always look for pusô—which is best enjoyed with lechon and BBQ on a sunny day while cruising the cool blue waters of Mactan.

10. You can't say no to local cuisine.
Lechon, ngohiong, steamed rice, brownie cups from La Marea...the list goes on!

11. You have a deep love for mojitos in Maya.
Maya, which is a popular Mexican restaurant in Crossroads, is known for serving the best mojitos in Cebu! You and your girlfriends are here all the time for pre-game. ALL THE TIME.


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