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11 Struggles Of Girls Who Can't Say No

Your mouth says 'yes,' but your mind screams 'no.'

1. Your mouth says “yes,” but your mind screams “no.”

You don't have the energy to reason out, the audacity to say no outright, or the heart for seeing the disappointment in people’s faces once you do, so you just say yes to a request to shut them up. And then mentally kick yourself for doing so.

2. You always have so much on your plate from saying yes to people.

Join a charity run your co-worker organized? Be a bridesmaid at the wedding of a classmate you haven’t seen in a decade? Share your credit card details with an acquaintance who needs to make an urgent purchase online—or so he says? YES, YES, AND YES.

3. You often find yourself stuck in social gatherings with people you don't even like that much.

And as you watch the rest of the boring evening flash before your eyes, you find yourself wistfully thinking about all the fun you could’ve had instead watching people get killed on Game of Thrones.

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4. You'd rather avoid people completely than refuse them when they ask you for a favor.

Maybe if you stayed out of sight of your boss all day by ducking behind walls and disappearing to the restroom, she won't ask you to make that deck for the upcoming work project?

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5. If the request is in the form of a message, you'd rather ignore it until you’re ready to reply with a yes than refuse to do it upfront…

You could take hours—even days—to reply, and once you finally do, you say a silent prayer that by then they've forgotten all about it or asked someone else.

6. …Or you choose to ignore the message entirely.

You know you can’t do whatever it is they’re asking of you; however, you don’t have the stomach for the refusal conversation, so you reply with…”Seen.”

7. You agree with statements just to avoid an awkward situation.

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You’ve had guys say the “L” word to you first, and you’ve always found yourself saying “I love you” back because you didn’t want to embarrass them. And in those moments, you always thought, “Maybe I really will love him eventually, so it’s not a total lie, right?!?”

8. You've had your fair share of adventures because you don't want to say no and look like a killjoy.

Dancing onstage at the company party when you have two left feet? Uh, sure. Whitewater rafting when you can't even swim? Everyone else in the group is doing it, so…G?

9. In the rare life-and-death occasions when you really have to say no, you can't help but apologize profusely for letting people down.

I'm so sorry, but I can’t do it... *sad face* *tears* *huhu*

10. ...And you always have a long list of excuses to make them see why you JUST CAN’T SAY YES this time.

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They're all valid excuses, because you just want them to understand why you absolutely have to decline. Your lola really did need looking after and it really was raining hard and you really did have a killer migraine the night of Ryan’s birthday party. True story, promise.

11. When you see that people you've turned down are getting just on fine without you, you think to yourself, "Damn, I should start saying no right now!"

Or maybe later, once you’ve finished designing that birthday party invitation your Tita Susan asked you to make. You’re expecting her to ring in her revisions any day now. Sigh.

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