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11 Things That Go Through A Girl's Mind During A Long Commute

Most days you wish you stayed home.

During a long commute, the most random stuff just pop in our head for some reason. I mean seriously, what else can you do aside from trying to understand what's going on in the teleserye the bus conductor put on. Here, a couple of things we like to think about en route to work or going back home. 

"Saan kaya masarap kumain later?" 

I just had breakfast.. pero bakit gutom na naman ako?? Ugh, who cares. Cheat day it is. Ano kaya? Rice? Pizza? Chicken Parmigiana? What's the name of that new pasta place near the office again?

"P8 sa tricycle, P19 sa bus...Yes! I can buy fries pa!" 

After a long day at work, you just want to relax and munch on your favorite snack.

"Naiihi na ko! Malayo pa ba?!"  

There is no greater punishment than being on the road and having the sudden urge to pee. Like seriously, ngayon pa talaga? Eh SLEX pa lang 'to

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"Manong, hinintuan mo na lahat ng kanto, male-late na kooo!"  

Worst case imaginable: Waking up late with only less than an hour to spare. But to your dismay, wapakels si manong driver if you get a memo due to tardiness. And you're just there giving him evil glances while making a loud "tsk." Para ma-sense naman niyang LATE NA AKO. 

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When your fave Taylor Swift song is on...

No one is ever too old for a good, catchy Taylor Swift song. After imagining yourself starring in all her bad ass music videos while moving your head to that "Bad Blood" song, you'll be surprised at how fast traveling can be!

"Ate, wala ka bang earphones?"

Cue a Soulja Boy song. Saan yun galing?? Oh riiight, si ate. If you think you are doing everyone a favor by putting your song on speakers, I'm sorry but YOU ARE NOT. Save yourself from a nasty side-eye by keeping your playlist to yourself.

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"Dati kasabay ko pa siya umuwi..." 

"What are those couples doing? Ugh, super PDA! Okay, I just miss him a little. Fine, maybe a little more than that. Okay, A LOT. This is so sad!!!

"Ganda nung top na nakita ko kanina. Should I buy it??" 

Should I go back and get it? I might regret it. I just bought a new one yesterday. But what if Loraine invites me to another party...

"Shucks, I forgot to pay my bill!" 

OMG, I can't believe my line was cut!!

"Wow, today was pretty okay."

What was I even nervous about? I actually nailed that business presentation! You did good, self! 

"Another day at the office..." 

Can't it be Friday already? 

"Lord, sana hindi po snatcher yung katabi ko.

He looks suspicious. Is he holding something? I'm ready to shout anytime. Don't you dare. 

"Antok pa ko! Do I really need to go?" 

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Last night's Game of Thrones marathon was fun...until I have to wake up at 6 a.m. for work the next day. *sigh*