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11 Ways You Can Claim 2016 As Your Year

It's completely up to you.

1. Set realistic fitness goals. Enough with the empty promises when it comes to your health! You owe yourself a better, more holistic approach when it comes to caring for your well-being. Sign up for that yoga class you’ve been itching to do. Form a running club. Eat better. You’ll thrive because of these.

2. Make traveling a priority. Go on a vacay to a place you’ve never been to before. It doesn’t need to be out of the country, nor does it need to be luxurious. Have a barkada road trip to the beach or Baguio. It’ll nourish your soul.

3. Unfollow social media negatrons. Delete haters, trolls, and bashers on all social media platforms. Your sanity will thank you for doing so later.

4. Take up a new hobby. Whether it’s indulging in the art of makeup, wiling the time away with a coloring book, or accompanying mom to that Zumba class you thought was so silly, find the time to preoccupy yourself with activities that have nothing to do with work.

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5. Take more pictures. Selfies are fine, but pick up that camera that’s been collecting dust in your room (or you can even just use your cell phone) and document the people, places, and events that will touch your life this year. Make an album—and not just an online one, okay?

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6. Party hard when you can. Life is too short for “tinatamad ako lumabas” excuses. Cut yourself some slack and let loose with your squad. You deserve it. But also…

7. Get as much sleep when you can. It’s the most rewarding solo experience.

8. Try out a new look for a change. Cut your long locks for an edgy bob. Revamp your wardrobe to suit your new, positive outlook. Remember, a style overhaul can be totes refreshing!

9. Rebuild friendships and family ties. Reconnect with loved ones whom you’ve isolated over the years. You’ll be surprised—even if you haven't seen each other since forever—they still may feel like, well, home. 

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10. Spoil yourself. No one deserves a pat on the back more than you. You work hard, so why not reward yourself for it? Just don’t forget to pay it forward when you can.

11. Embrace change. This year, things might not turn out the way you initially planned them to be. There’s nothing wrong with that. Learn to roll with the punches, swim with the tide, and adapt when need be. 2016 is yours for the taking, CG! Slay it and own it!