12 Things An Only Child Will Understand

We're not all spoiled, okay? We're just stubborn...

1. Our parents are our best-est friends. They give us every thing we need to become the best version of ourselves. And they're our number one cheerleaders so we can make good, strong life decisions. We are lost without them. LOST!

2. We can have our cake and eat it, too, No annoying little brother or pesky little sister to steal the chocolates in the fridge. #winning.

3. We were pretty busy growing up. Growing up with no siblings meant we had to do everything on our own. We were attached to our toys, our pets, and our imaginary friends, because those were the closest things we had to an actual sibling. (Yeah, so what if we had imaginary friends?!)

4. Friends are everything. Being an only child made us more sabik to have friends to play with. But since we had no siblings growing up, friends were basically the family we chose, because they were pretty much always there to deal with our shit through thick and thin. They have sworn to take all (ALL!) our secrets #ToTheGrave.

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5. We're really stubborn. Being an only child means getting your way most of the time. Which means learning the art of compromise is a skill we have yet to learn, err, master.

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6. Despite that, we still need to work hard for things. Being an only child does not mean we had everything handed to us on a silver platter. And when we wanted something? We had to get good grades, excel in a sport, and be nice to everyone. Our parents had only ONE shot at child-rearing, so there was extra pressure to make everything #WorthIt.

7. We don't like having all the attention. Getting attention is a good thing, but sometimes all we really want to do is to hide under the wings of an overachieving sibling because, you know, being basic can be beautiful.

8. We have the best of both worlds. On weekends, we let mom take us to #SpaSaturdays. And then we tag along with dad and his friends for #SportsDaySundays. How awesome is that?!

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9. Space is everything. While we enjoy being around people, we need our own breathing space, too. And yes, we prefer rolling on our own—most of the time.

10. Lagi kaming nasa labasWe've got a very full social calendar—we hit the gym thrice a week, we catch up with our childhood best friend twice a week. We see ex-officemates, ex-neighbors, college barkadas, and high school barkadas often! So yeah, our social calendar is FULL. On Sundays, we stay at home to hang out with our folks. Or when we're bored, we text our best friend to come out and meet us for coffee. Walang tao sa bahay eh.

11. We love our yayasThey’re a big a part of our lives, because they attended to all our needs growing up. They were our bright-eyed storytellers and loyal companions who accompanied us to school, ballet class, swimming lessons, and varsity practice. Our yayas were there when we got our hair done for prom. They delivered food when we were at the dorm and brought our laptop to work that one time we left it at home. They will always be the closest thing we’ll have to siblings, so we love our ates like they’re family. Because they are family.

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12. Leaving home is the hardest. Whether we move out for college or for marriage, leaving our parents’ nest means catch-up dinners with the folks will be down to a minimum and we'll miss out on the latest news about family friends. But the saddest thing is not having home-cooked dinners ready to be devoured, because WE ARE OFFICIALLY ON OUR OWN. 

Are you an only child? Which of these did you relate to the most? Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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