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12 Things It's Okay To Ugly Cry About

Let it all out, girl. We won't judge.

So we just watched The Fault In Our Stars over the weekend, and we’re not gonna lie: we totally ugly cried. As in hagulgul, pass me the tissue, my-heart-is-being-wrenched-out-of-my-chest kind of crying.

Too many feelings.

But you know what, it’s okay. There’s no shame in crying. We realized that sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and to let it all out once and for all. Crying is actually scientifically proven to make you feel better.

We rounded up more things you shouldn’t be ashamed to ugly cry about:

1. Having your period
We have to go through this shit every single month and it is painful as f*ck.  Our hormones are on overdrive and everything’s a mess, so if we want to cry, let us cry.

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2. A sappy, romantic film or book
We are living vicariously through fictional characters and these things don’t happen in real life. Don't judge us for feeling things.

3. A horrible breakup
It takes time to heal. Allow yourself to cry it all out for a few days, then will yourself to snap out of it when you're ready. Skipping the post-breakup cry sesh might backfire, so get it out of your system ASAP.

4. Finding out your favorite restaurant is closing
Where else are we supposed to go for our sudden comfort food cravings?

5. Looking at super cute animals
"It’s so fluffy I’m gonna dieeeee!"

6. The fact that we will NEVER end up with our celebrity crushes
Adam Levine, Channing Tatum, and George Clooney are all off the market. What’s the point?

7. The loss of a loved one
No explanation necessary.

8. When you accomplish something you never thought you were capable of doing
There's nothing quite like achieving the unachievable. It's like reaching the top of a mountain or crossing the finish line despite all the hurdles. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

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9. Watching an episode of Game Of Thrones
Because you can count on George R.R. Martin to  kill off all your favorite characters. Or in Sansa Stark's case (spoiler alert!), her entire family.

10. Christian Grey and Mr. Darcy are not real people
It's all an illusion. The perfect man does not exist.

11. A cockroach landing on your foot.
Kill them, kill them all!

12. Finding out your super gwapo crush is a beki