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13 Signs You Grew Up With Overprotective Parents

You had to bring Yaya Bing that one time you were allowed to watch a movie with friends.

1. Everything had to be planned. There was no such thing as a spontaneous hangout with friends. If Katie was planning to throw her 16th birthday party in Enchanted Kingdom on April 20, dapat nakapagpaalam ka na by March 20. You had to be prepared to answer the following questions: 

  • Sino kasama mo?
  • Paano ka pupunta dun?
  • Will the party be supervised by an adult? (BTW, Katie’s 18-year-old sister is not counted as an adult).

2. That one time you were allowed to watch a movie with friends at had to bring Yaya Bing and your driver Kuya Deo.

3. You had a curfew. At 18, dad finally allowed you to attend your first Big Girl party. Yay! So you went to your party, left your phone inside your Big Girl Clutch to dance with boys, and when you finally checked your phone at 11 p.m.—whaddya know! You had 18 missed calls from dad, and a text that read: “Uwi na.” You went home immediately! Out of fear.

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 4. Your college class schedule was posted on the fridge.
So your parents knew where you were AT ALL TIMES, so they could call you AT ALL TIMES. “It says here, you’re supposed to be at Philo class? Why do I hear laughter and clinking glasses?” #TUS

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5.This has happened to you so many, many times:

6. This has also happened to you many, many times:

Dad: What time are you coming home?
You: Mga 10 p.m.
Dad: OK.
Dad: It’s 10 p.m., where are you?
You: Pauwi na.
Dad: Are you trying to give your father a heart attack? When you say you’re going 2 b home by 10 p.m., you better be home by 10 p.m.!

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7.  You had a secret boyfriend. You met Jay at a high school soiree, and you were together your whole high school life. You never told your folks that, because strict ang parents mo! Hi, mom!

8. You sneaked around—a LOT. “Dad, I have to finish a science project at Lara’s house. Can you drop me off at Mea's house? Her mom can take us." LOLJK! I’m actually going to Mea’s house, and then we’re going to Jolo’s house because we are attending a soiree with cute boys.

9. Hence, you could only daydream about boys. Because you weren’t allowed to have a boyfriend until you graduated college. With honors. If it were up to dad, you’d never have suitors until you turned 60.

10. Your outfits were always checked. So you learned to leave the house wearing jeans (pero may baon kang shorts sa bag mo).

11. You were never allowed to sleep over at any of your friends’ houses. “But moooom, Lara’s house is right next door!”

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12. You threw a major BF every week. Complete with tears! “Bakit ba parati na lang ako hindi pinapayagaaaaaaaaan?” you ugly cried.

 13. Despite numbers 1-12, you turned out pretty okay. You’re great, actually. You never understood why dad had to call you 24/7 to check on your whereabouts. Or why mom never approved of your high school sweetheart. But now that you’re an adult, you realize that they were only looking out for you. And because you didn't have a lot of distractions growing up, you focused on school, and never let a boy get in the way of your studies and extra-curricular activities. Now you're a kick-ass, super-focused, smart, driven kid. And you have your parents to thank for that. You hate to admit it—but hey, for old people, your folks are pretty aryyyt.

Love you, mom and dad. <3

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