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13 Struggles Every Morning Person Goes Through

People tell you to STFU 'cos it's too early for any of that happiness or energy.

1. You either make breakfast for everyone or you have to leave some food for others.

Okay, it's the right thing to do. But it just sucks that you have to do that chore and leave some of that really good tapa or bacon on the plate so your siblings can eat, too.

2. When you want to grab breakfast from a restaurant, YOU CAN'T.

Because "breakfast" places don't open until 8 or 9 in the morning. What about places for people who wake up earlier than that and are hungry?! Also, no. You are not going to buy from McDo. Again.

3. Feeling like a vampire when you're on the way to work 'cos the sun hasn't risen yet.

Yup, the sky is still pretty black and it feels like you're walking the streets at night. A part of you feels like a vampire or just someone who might be a victim of holdup or kidnapping. Not good.


4. People are annoyed at you.

You've got your shit together so early in the morning and they're still thinking of going back to sleep. And when you're perky? They tell you to STFU 'cos it's too early for any of that happiness or energy.

5. You're already really, really hungry at 10 or 11 a.m.

For you it's time for lunch because it's been five to six hours since you had breakfast. You're so hungry you can't think anymore. You. need. to. eat.

6. Having that dilemma of getting lunch at 10 or waiting two to three more hours for food.

You consider waiting because you also want to eat with other people who get up later than you in the morning. But can your stomach wait that long? It's been grumbling and you can feel the acid on your stomach lining and you're afraid that your metabolism will slow down and you'll be acidic for the rest of your life if you don't eat NOW. *sigh* Decisions, decisions.

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7. You sleep early.

So yes, you miss out on anything and everything big that happens during the night. At least you wake up early enough to catch up, right?

8. Anything that involves staying up late, like past-midnight-late, horrifies you.

Because staying up until 3 a.m. leaves you with only an hour for bed, and you're bound to look really bad in the morning. That also means you'd have to be awake for nearly 24 hours, which is just crazy. But there have been times that you managed to sleep for only three hours, and you were a well-functioning adult, to everyone's surprise.

9. You've fallen asleep on your desk or during your commute home.

You've been up too long and need to recharge. Also, your bedtime is fast approaching!

10. Your Facebook posts in the morning don't get any Likes.

When you share something on Facebook or tweet something, the post doesn't get any hits 'cos no one has seen it. And by 9 a.m. when everyone's up, Facebook won't show your post anymore because it didn't get any response from people. Great. You're that loser who shares things nobody cares about.


11. No one wants to go on a vacay with you.

Because who wakes up at 6 a.m. and makes everybody else do the same? For your family or friends, vacation means waking up at noon. The plus side is that you get to explore on your own. The downside is when you tell them about the things you saw, they want to see those too and they will drag you to go with them. This sucks because you see the same things again instead of exploring more.

12. You feel like a slob when you sleep in.

Your mind tells you that you WASTED AN ENTIRE DAY BEING IN BED. Huhu.

13. You have no one to talk to when big things happen to you in the morning.

Something urgent and need someone's help? Something cool you want to share with your S.O.? Nope, you have to make decisions ALL ON YOUR OWN without hearing another perspective. You have to wait at least two hours to hear from a friend you ranted or gushed to. So yes, you feel all alone when you're the only person awake. You can be filled with so much regret from making the choice you had decided on when someone tells you all too late that you should've done something else. Is there any amount of productivity to compensate for the loneliness you feel in the mornings?!


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