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12 Struggles Of Girls Who Are Bungisngis

What are you laughing at? Uh, everything??

1. You've been in trouble for laughing during the most inappropriate situations.

Like in the middle of a meeting where everyone else was busy discussing important matters. You tried your best to keep it in, but hey it's not your fault you find everything funny?

2. Theres no stopping once you start laughing.

And everyone knows it. That ONE joke can make you laugh for at least a week!

3. Thats why you get comments like,“‘di na yan titigil sa kakatawa oh.

4. Your friends find your laugh funny more than anything else.

It’s not your joke that’s funny. 'Yung tawa mo lang talaga.

5. You can never finish a joke or a funny story.

Kasi nauuna ka pang tumawa.

6. Thats why you end up laughing alone.

You really wanna share the fun with everyone, but you can't start anything without laughing! The struggle is real, you guys.

7. Laughing alone IS normal for you.

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Nobody understands this!

8. Hahahahahahaha is something that you text a lot and it means that you are literally LOL-ing. Not fake laughing.

9. People get confused if youre mad or not.

Like that one time you lectured Yssa for using your LBD without permission and ended up laughing in the middle of the fight for no reason at all. "Ay 'wag na nga!"

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10. Youve considered laughing as your regular workout.

Who needs cardio when you can laugh all day and work out at the same time? "Guys, ang sakit na ng tiyan ko sa kakatawa. Okay 'to na ab exercise!"

11. Your jaw hurts sometimes.

Laughing for long hours can be so tiring, okay?

12. Just thinking about something funny will crack you up.

And at one point your friends have actually questioned your sanity. "Okay ka lang, girl?" BUT IT'S SOOOOOO FUNNY!