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14 Conversations Every Woman Has Had With Her Mother

"How do I cook this thing?"

1. I'm not sure how to deal with this work situation. 
But you must know! You've either been here before, or you're just wise enough to help me come to an objective decision.

2. How do I clean this thing? 
I got chocolate on the couch and on my blouse and on my suede shoes somehow. 

3. Do you know who Harry Styles is? 
What about 5 Seconds of Summer? I'm not laughing at you *crosses fingers behind back*. 

4. Can you pick a health insurance for me? 
I'll love you forever!

5. Should I buy these new clothes? 
Are these boots a waste of money?

6. Maybe you should buy some new clothes.

7. *Crying*. 
Just crying.

8. You like me better than my siblings, right? 

9. How do I cook this thing? 
Please help prevent me from eating raw chicken.

10. Don't tell dad, but [insert embarrassing/broken thing here].

11. Let me show you how to use emojis. 
It makes texting so much more fun.

12. Mom, you need to calm it down on the emojis.


13. Please stop telling me not to date that guy. 
You have no idea what you're talking about.

14. I hate it when you're right.


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