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14 Kinds Of People You Meet In The Office

It's either you love them or you hate them.

1. Si Umagang Kay Ganda

He’s that person who’s so happy and energetic in the morning and you are like “WTF is wrong with you? It’s 8 a.m.” But he just gave you the cheeriest smile ever, sabay, "Good mooooorning! Nag-coffee ka na?" Ugh, go awaaaaay.

2. The Coffee Maniac

It is almost 3 p.m. and Pauline is now on her fourth latte. She is happy and hyper AF, but you wonder when she'll crash from the sugar.

3. The Mother Figure

Everyone loves her and seeks her advice. She is wise and looks out for the younger employees as if they are her adopted kids. You love her because she gives you half of her rice when yours isn't enough during lunch. Thanks po!

4. Yung model employee

You left the office at 7 p.m. and she was still in front of her computer, typing away on an Excel sheet. You came to work at 7 a.m. the next day, and nandoon pa rin siya! Dito ka ba nakatira?

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5. The Chika Minute

Lives on office gossip and blurts it out as if it were breaking news. "OMG! Nakita ko may guy na sumundo kay Alyssa kagabi. Boyfriend kaya niya 'yun?" Pinsan kasi.

6. Yung Bawal Magutom

Her drawer is so full of coffee and snacks, it’s amazing how she can fit everything in. It’s a good thing you sit right next to her in the office. "May food ka?" you ask her every day.

7. The Replyan-Mo-Ako-Or-Else-Guguluhin-Kita

You know that person who sends you an email, texts, and then calls you—before ringing your other officemate to ask if you got her e-mail? GIIIIIIIRL.

8. The Trendy One

Her ouftits are flawless and forever Insta-worthy, which make you question your #OOTD.

9. 'Yung Intern DawPero Hindi Pala

She’s been in the office for more than a year but people still think she’s an intern, because she looks soooo...bagets!

10. 'Yung Madaming Baon Na Jokes

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She makes your life easier, because she is entertaining and funny. Sometimes you wonder if she was really hired by your boss to do her job or crack jokes for the sake of the team's sanity. If you don't have this human being in the office, prepare to be sad and miserable. Resign ka na, girl.

11. The Kunwari Busy

She looks like she's always busy...busy tweeting and sharing funny videos on Facebook. When the boss walks around, she opens a new tab to check her e-mail and "research." LOL!

12. The Workout Buff

She has running shoes under her desk and an emergency gym bag inside one of her drawers. She takes the stairs rather than the elevator, eats the healthiest meals during lunch, and takes a banana with her protein shake at exactly 5 p.m. every single day. Where does she get her energy?!

13. The Office BFF

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You used to hate her, but it wasn't long until you discovered that you love the same things (James Reid) and went to the same school in college. Now you have matching desk coasters and calendars and hang out even after office hours.

14. The Crush ng Bayan

There is always that one guy or girl in the office everyone is secretly obsessed with. <3