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14 Struggles Only Girl Law Students Understand

I'm sorry for snapping at YOU.

1. Corporate dressing is hard AF. Presentation time! If I remove the blazer, will I look "too sexy" or will I still be tastefully professional? If I wear it, will people focus more on how I look or what I have to say? It’s a mental workout just trying to find the balance. Like searching for the nirvana of corporate wear. Then the boys can just get away with wearing a barong?! I thought law school was a place to learn about justice?

2. We live vicariously through friends' Instagram posts. Yes, Instagram, because no, I can’t just hang with you whenever, wherever (as much as I want to). The prof just assigned 200 pages for tomorrow. So I’ll just update myself with all my non-law school friends’ lives by checking my feed. Please don’t think I’m a bad friend, I still know you got that job you wanted. (Your post appeared within my self-imposed 15-minute break.) Outside of this...oops. I know nothing.

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3. Our lives are so unexciting. You finally went to Bali! Double tap. You finally achieved your fitness goals through months of hard work. Definitely double tap material. You traveled in the middle of the work week. Ah, the life…that I might be missing out on. Is what I’m going through right now all worth it? Hell yeah, it is. I just need reminding sometimes. And when I do remember how it’s all worth it, I’ll excitedly take a photo of my readings for the past month. Look at this bad-boy pile of readings that’s taller than a toddler. Double tap that.

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4. We have to deal with law school stress and PMS at the same time. Don’t come near me. Unless you have a digest of the case I didn’t read. I don’t understand my own handwriting. Did anyone tell you it’s “with regard to,” not “with regards to?” Why did you bother to ask me about the case only to argue about the facts? Also, I just got my period today. At least it only lasts for a week. Unlike law stress. With the recitations. Which are constant. And forever.

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5. We flip out over the tiniest things especially during exam week. What do you mean the highlighter in this shade of yellow is out of stock?

6. We rarely go out, so when we do...the car breaks down. Panira. No point in trying to fight things I can’t control. Things don’t always go as planned. Like that time I paid P500 for a reviewer I studied for five full days, and it didn’t come out in the exam.

7. We kind of, sort of don't have time for a relationship. No, you can’t expect me to be free just because you are. And even if I am, I might choose sleep over you. You’ll have to be quiet while I study, but please do know I enjoy your company. Being a law student might seem like tough work, but the lack of time and high stress teaches us to be appreciative of the little things. Like you knowing my favorite highlighter color. You are an ~*angel*~.

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8. And since we're constantly stressed out, we might snap at our S.O. a lot. So in the rare times I’m free, you reply to me late? I’m finally on break, but you can’t see me?! 

9. We think about law school even when we're doing normal things. Like, shopping. Oooh, cute tote bag! Four books can fit inside it! ~*buys it in two different colors.*~

10. We have a lot of beauty problems. Eternal eye bags. Skin breakouts. Falling hair. Weight gain. Weight loss. Can lack of sleep be directly proportional to attractiveness, please?

11. We always get the, "Hindi ka na magkaka-boyfriend kasi wala kang oras" and we hate it. Giiiiirl, kilala mo ba si Amal Alamuddin? Yeah, she married some actor. He's pretty irrelevant.

12. We secretly ask ourselves if the world expects us to be pretty and smart. Would we have an edge if we were pretty, and not just smart? Everyone around us seems smart; everyone is hard working. Between two girls of equal achievements, respectable intelligence, and good work ethic, would the firms hire the “pretty” one?

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13. We put some important parts of our lives on pause. The years I spend in law school buried in books, other girls my age might spend building their careers already. The fact of four or five years of no salary (unless you’re a working student) has real setbacks. It’s part of law school’s many opportunity costs. That’s why law students give everything. We can’t afford to lose.

14. We feel invincible. Law school pressure creates rare gems that we store for safekeeping. We get them at any moment we need to pull ourselves together through the daily grind, a heartbreak, a bad day with a sexist professor, and so on. Each triumph is never just wala lang. We're secretly superheroes—and ya better believe it!


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