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The 14 Ingredients Of The Best Bachelorette Party Ever

Equal parts constant booze and constant food.

1. A steady stream of booze.
Obviously. Prepare for this if you're not going to be at a bar. 

2. Having a bottle of champagne at the ready at all times.
When the mood's dying down and people are getting tired, just pop that cork and scream. Party saved!

3. A hashtag for photos.
Or better yet, a private photo stream. Because the bachelorette's going to want private approval of that picture of her not quite succeeding at a tequila shot.

4. At least one sober activity that doesn't require tight dresses and high heels.
No one can party for 24 hours straight. EXCEPT JESSICA!!! WOOO!!! OK chill, Jessica.


5. Pregaming.
Everyone knows pregaming can be more fun than the party. Plus this is where you can make the bride do embarrassing things without making it public shaming ...

6. No public humiliation for the bride.
Sure, light embarrassment ("Remember the time Kimberly got caught by her mom making MOMOL outside their house?!") can be funny. But no one's idea of fun is having a penis taped to her forehead or wearing a veil in a bar. And whatever you're doing will be a lot more fun when not everyone at the bar hates you.

7. Dinner reservations.
If you're on top of shit, you got a bridesmaid who planned all sorts of activities. But even if your day plans are just lounging by the pool, having a dinner reservation will corral everyone and also make you eat some bread before a night of boozing.

8. Activities the bride actually enjoys.
Unless everyone at the party is into pole fitness, no one wants to take an introductory pole-dancing class. I'll never understand why you would plan a party in someone's honor and then want them to be embarrassed and uncomfortable the whole time.

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9. Snacks.
All the time. This is self-explanatory, but there should pretty much be constant eating. Keep something in your purse. No drunk bachelorette has ever turned down a mini-bag of Cheetos.

10. Water.
Dehydrated people are grouchy.

11. Portable music.
Pick a theme song for the weekend, and get a little portable speaker to bring with you. Whenever the mood starts to die down, here comes Beyoncé.


12. Extra phone chargers.
Or, better yet, a ton of powerbanks. Nine Bachelorette Bitches can't upload to Instagram on 2 percent battery.

13. Something random.
Temporary tats, light-up headbands, shirts with her fiancé's face on them. Whatever. Just one super random party favor that will make you "LOL WTF?!" in a good way at the pictures for years to come.

14. One wild act of rebellion.
Sneak into the hotel pool after hours. Get kicked out of the club. Whatever it takes to get that youthful adrenaline pumping again. MARRIAGE!!!

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